Get Your Newborn Baby The Best Hooded Baby Bath Towels

Sep 21, 2021

Make bath time or trips to the beach easier with super-soft hooded towels from this sustainable children’s clothing and accessories brand. Give your kids a little luxury courtesy of Malabar Baby.

If you want to give your baby the very best of what nature has to offer in fabrics, order your bamboo or cotton hooded bath towels from Malabar Baby today!

Bath time can be a challenging experience for parents and infants alike, but an eco-friendly lifestyle brand is making life simpler and more comfortable for babies with an updated range of sustainable, hooded bathing accessories.

Malabar Baby’s new bath time collection features hand-crafted towels – made in India from luxury cotton or bamboo – specially designed to provide comfort, warmth, and versatility for your little one’s post-bath routine.

The company’s latest launch is part of its comprehensive range of ethically sourced and expertly crafted clothing and accessories for infants. Malabar Baby is committed to environmentally-friendly production practices, working exclusively with factories that have a positive impact on local communities.

According to, cotton was first grown, spun, and woven as far back as 3000 B.C in the Indus River Valley in Pakistan. While bamboo has been used for centuries to make paper, household goods, and even weapons, its commercial use in a cellulosic form for fabric production has only become widespread since the early 2000s.

The Malabar Baby towel range is manufactured in sites across India and China. Meticulous research ensures only the highest-quality raw materials are sourced and used in production. Many of the designs feature traditional patterns or iconic architecture, rendered onto fabric using a block print process.

The hooded towels measure 34 x 34 inches, allowing easy coverage for your children right up until they’re 4 or 5 years of age. Malabar Baby’s stringent quality controls and durable fabrics ensure that all of its products will last you and your family for years.

The block-printed towels come in a variety of styles and colors including Miami which features a leaf print with a deep red trim. The Erawan version has a honeycomb-style pattern with a rust orange-colored outer strip. All of the towels in the collection have a dual fabric construction with cotton voile on one side and cotton terry on the other.

A Bamboo Cotton Pom Pom Hooded towel is also available for order, offering you a stretchy, silk-like feel without compromising strength or durability. The soft pom pom trim gives you another unique design feature.

About Malabar Baby

The Hong Kong-based company was founded by Anjali Harjani in 2016 following the birth of her son. Malabar Baby’s inception was inspired by Anjali’s fruitless search for baby quilts and towels made from natural materials that didn’t cost a fortune.

A spokesperson says, “From their crib bedding to their swaddles, it is essential that baby skin is embraced by only the most natural and gentle organic materials.”

If you want a towel that will last you and your family for years, retain its softness, and make bath time a cozier affair, check out the updated Malabar Baby range today!

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