Get Your Mom The Best Gold-Plated Gift With A Necklace She’ll Remember Forever

Apr 17, 2021

Why not get Mom a gift that expresses your feelings? Family Gifts 360 knows that we owe our mothers so much – that’s why they’ve released this wonderful heart pendant necklace!

Looking for a great gift for your mom? This Mother’s Day, get her something she’ll remember forever – this beautiful necklace by Family Gifts 360 helps you to show your mother exactly what she means to you! 

Online retailer Family Gifts 360 has launched a new edition of its exclusive “All That I Am” heart-shaped pendant and necklace. The gold-plated jewelry product is released as a suitable gift for mothers and stepmothers from their sons, with an accompanying message designed to express sentimental feelings. 

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The necklace will make an ideal present that your mother can keep and remember for many years. Its heart-shaped pendant conveys the words: “Dear Mom, all that I am I owe it to you, Love Your Son.” As such, it enables you to share a symbol of your emotional connection with your mother without struggling to put the feeling into words yourself! 

Company representatives explained that the necklace’s lifelong durability stems from its metallic material, providing resistance to water and ultraviolet rays. Manufactured and printed in the USA, the product is comprised of a zinc alloy coated in a lustrous gold plating. The necklace is produced to suit wearers of all ages and skin tones, with a stylish 22-inch chain. 

Your mom will adore the beauty of the heart pendant’s accompanying custom-hardened resin insert, which serves to boost the pendant’s color vibrancy to the highest extent. The combination of the product’s shiny appearance and elegant design creates a necklace that stands out and lives long in the memory! 

As Mother’s Day draws closer in the USA and other parts of the world, you’ll note that this UV and water-resistant necklace won’t be found in retail stores anywhere. By making the product available for shipping around the world, the company provides you with a truly one-of-a-kind gift for Mom. Your satisfaction is the highest priority – and a full refund is available if you’re anything less than delighted!

With the latest announcement, Family Gifts 360 continues to expand its range of customizable gifts for your family members. As well as jewelry, its extensive collection includes heartfelt presents such as cards, apparel, and mugs imprinted with appreciative messages for wives, sons, daughters, grandchildren, and so much more!  

The perfect present is a click away – head to to order the new “All That I Am” necklace for the mother in your life alongside a full selection of quality products available at Family Gifts 360! 

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