Get Your Ice Hockey Stickhandling Skills To The Next Level With This New Course

May 15, 2021

If your child of 6 to 15 years loves to play ice hockey, the pandemic could have put a dent in his or her enthusiasm. The ‘Master Stickhandling Course’ from ALL SKILLZ Hockey will keep stick skills at optimum levels until team play can restart!

ALL SKILLZ Hockey brings you a special course for children who love the game of ice hockey. Team sports have been badly hit by the health crisis and children can get discouraged by the loss of practice opportunities. So if you are a player between 6 and 15 years old or the parent of one, this course will get your game back on.

With this course, its creator Landon Thomson, aims to provide an opportunity for young ice hockey players to practice their skills, even with the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. Although primarily designed for younger players, this progressive course can be used by players of any age to maintain and improve their game.

The drills covered in the Master Stickhandling Course by ALL SKILLZ Hockey are the result of 16 years worth of acquired skills and techniques. These were acquired at the most elite schools and sports camps. They are designed to help those struggling with their stickhandling skills, or who just want to take their game to the next level.

You will have unlimited time to utilize the program and will also benefit from free updates to the course. According to Landon, stickhandling capability is what separates the average players from the outstanding ones. This course provides you an opportunity to practice and improve at a team sport, with individual coaching.

Landon says, “I want to target young hockey players (ages 6-15 mainly) as well as hockey parents who want to give their kids something else active to do other than play video games or watch Netflix. Targeting ages 6-15 is especially important. Since this course can take their stickhandling skills to the next level, this can be a HUGE game changer for any player wanting to turn hockey into a career one day!”

You can practice from the safety of your own home and create your own strategy and technique, with the foundation of what is covered in the ALL SKILLZ Hockey course material.

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In addition to stick handling techniques, dribbling, and other technical elements, the course provides inputs on selecting the correct ice hockey equipment. It also provides guidance on specific and targeted warm-up routines for stickhandling exercises.

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