Get The Ice Hockey Techniques Your Kids and Teens Need With This Virtual Program

Mar 26, 2021

Looking to improve your kid’s ice hockey performance? Sign up to ALL SKILLZ Hockey’s online training program and help them rise above their opponents!

Don’t let bad habits on the ice ruin your kid’s game – sign up for ALL SKILLZ Hockey’s virtual training program and help them reach for the next level!

ALL SKILLZ Hockey, an online learning platform specializing in hockey drills and exercises, has launched a new training course. The program teaches both basic and advanced stickhandling techniques.

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The program will help your kids to combine upper and lower body drills and enhance their coordination.

Studies indicate that decreased levels of physical activity, which have been prevalent during the restrictions faced by countries worldwide, have a detrimental impact on fitness. Each week of inactivity results in a 10% loss of overall fitness.

The stickhandling training program offered by ALL SKILLZ Hockey can be completed at home and offers advice on both general warm-up and muscle preparation methods and specific hockey techniques.

Guidance offered by the program includes explaining the importance of different dribble width capabilities, breaking down overlooked techniques, and demonstrating how to make feinting maneuvers more believable.

The course offers kids and teens a means of learning a new set of skills, finding and addressing weaknesses or poor habits, and improving overall hockey-related performance.

Signing up provides you and your kids with access to the stickhandling course, which is comprised of 19 video sections. Other benefits include access to future course updates, which are provided without additional cost.

ALL SKILLZ Hockey is an online hockey school created by Landon Thomson. Landon developed the program based on skills and techniques acquired over a 16-year period and aims to provide you with an accessible way to develop hockey skills in restricted circumstances.

A satisfied client said: “My son has been spending a lot of his time in lockdown playing video games and putting his hockey and fitness to one side. Thanks to the Master Stickhandling program, we’re training every day and he’s visibly improving all the time.”

What your kids learn with ALL SKILLZ Hockey’s new program will put them back on the ice with the confidence to handle any situation!

Whether you have a kid, a teen, or beyond, head over to and find out how your child can elevate their game!

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