Get Walk-In Spine Adjustments & Treatments At This Ogden, UT Chiropractic Center

Nov 25, 2021

Health for Life Spine & Disc Center in Ogden, Utah (801-475-6800) provides quality chiropractic care to residents of all ages throughout the region. The center now offers walk-in services and is available for victims of auto accidents and whiplash.

Your spine and spinal cord play an important role in your physiology and your health. The spinal cord transfers information between your brain and your body. The spine is crucial to protecting your spinal cord, and damage to your spinal cord protection can affect the rest of your health. The team at Health for Life Spine & Disc Center is devoted to helping you maintain and heal your spine so you can do the things you love without being limited by pain.

Not many people realize how much the proper alignment of the spine benefits their quality of life. The center offers natural treatment methods that help you regain movement and maintain optimal health. The center recently announced the launch of their walk-in services, so that you can get the neck and back care you need when you need it.

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Led by Dr. Derrick Stanbridge, the team is committed to providing you with industry-leading natural chiropractic treatments that balance your strength and overall well-being. With the addition of walk-in services, the practice can now help you with any neck and back pain you’re experiencing because of whiplash, a car accident, falls, or any other trauma event.

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The professionals at Health for Life Spine & Disc Center have years of experience working with patients who’ve been in an auto accident. This type of event can cause a variety of injuries and pain symptoms you should never ignore. A chiropractor will help alleviate your pain by reducing both inflammation and the formation of scar tissue that can otherwise lead to chronic pain and disability.

The staff at Health for Life emphasize the importance of regular back adjustments to all adults as a way of helping the body function at its best. They also warn that undiagnosed problems with your spine can lead to nervous system issues that can affect your sense of touch, feeling, sensations, and even brain function.

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You’ll find a huge variety of services at Health for Life Spine & Disc Center, including laser therapy, spinal decompression, Vibronix, back pain treatment, neck pain treatment, and headache treatment. The practice has a partnering chiropractic clinic in the same medical building to ensure you get the comprehensive medical care you need.

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A recent patient says, “Simply the best. Very knowledgeable and willing to spend a lot of time with their patients. I definitely recommend Dr. Stanbridge. Five stars.”

The recently announced walk-in services now offered at Health for Life Spine & Disc Center means that if you’re in need of immediate medical attention for neck and/or back pain you can access the treatment you need quickly and conveniently.

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