Get Unlimited Auction Vehicle Inventory Added To Your Dealership Website

Apr 13, 2021

Looking to expand your auto dealership inventory? Sign up to My Dealer Online’s virtual auction inventory platform to connect your customers with the cars they need!

Looking to expand your vehicle inventory and sell more cars? With the click of a button, you can bid, buy and sell, right from your desktop or mobile device.

My Dealer Online, an innovative automobile technology company, has launched new software that enables you to add wholesale virtual inventory to your website.

Go to for more information.

The newly announced software allows you to broker auto auction inventory straight from your website, connecting consumers with a vast catalog of automobiles without the need to expand your physical dealership real estate. The platform’s ability to virtually connect buyers with a vast vehicle selection throughout the U.S and Canada means that you mitigate lower margins and longer turn rates.

By anticipating the needs of sellers and buyers, MDO’s digital platform enables you to focus on serving the customer and growing your business, without the challenges of finding and sourcing inventory.

MDO’s software provides auction pricing and listings pre-marketed with buy now prices. Listing vehicles on My Dealer Online enables you to expose your full inventory to non-traditional customers, increasing profit potential significantly. The platform also allows you to sell before purchasing the inventory vehicle.

Industry research shows that the demand for used vehicles has never been higher, with over nine million cars sold worldwide last year. Studies reveal that the list of online car auctions is continually growing as dealers turn to online listings to increase their inventories. An expanded online catalog means consumers will not be limited by vehicle color or model. The platform also allows you to specify additional filtering options such as inventory supplier, make, model, year, mileage and more.

As dealerships compete for consumer attention, MDO has developed a product that supports the industry from dealers and auctioneers to consignors and consumers. For more information, please visit

A spokesperson for the company said: “Consumer search for products and services has steadily increased over the past few years using smart phones, which now exceeds desktop searches. To compete, your business needs to adapt and take advantage of this transition to retain and reach new prospective buyers. You can seamlessly add the MDO program to your website and increase returns without spending more money or adding personnel.”

Increase your inventory, satisfy your customers and grow your business with MDO’s cutting-edge, easy to use software. Head to the above link to find out more!

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