Get UK-Specific Customer Sales Datasets, Insights At This Custom B2B Data Vendor

Oct 19, 2023

You can’t get ahead if you and your competitors use the same market intelligence. That’s why LeadGenius offers bespoke data sets tailored to B2B enterprises in the UK.

Nearly 80% of B2B data is yet to be tapped. But LeadGenius seeks to change that, giving UK businesses like yours access to custom-made data sets.

The company’s service is perfect if your B2B enterprise seeks the highest level of data accuracy and increased sales efficiency. You can expect precision data analysis and enrichment that can help you unlock and exploit previously unknown client pain points.

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LeadGenius differentiates itself by offering datasets tailored to your desired parameters. This approach stands in stark contrast to static databases sold and resold repeatedly, which often quickly become outdated and inaccurate. Hence, you can now take advantage of real-time, bespoke data generated specifically for your needs.

Industry and geographic-specific data allows you to fill your revenue pipeline and automate your growth effectively. Specifically, your sales development representatives and account executives gain unique insights into engaged leads, enabling them to plan their outreach more strategically. Furthermore, insight gleaned can be used to create more effective retargeting campaigns.

Additionally, LeadGenius's proprietary Flow with DataHub solution facilitates B2B outbound and inbound sales velocity, allowing your sales teams to close deals more quickly. This automated system saves you up to 10 hours per week, significantly increasing overall operational efficiencies. Indeed, businesses that rely on the company’s data services double their sales cycle speed and acquire 10 times more leads.

With the arrival of LeadGenius's tailor-made data services in the UK, you can now enjoy customised solutions that enhance your business knowledge and provide deep market insights. These services empower you to make data-driven decisions, optimise marketing strategies, and fine-tune your sales initiatives. 

A spokesperson says: “Given the cost of acquiring a B2B customer, you simply can’t afford to play things by ear. If you want to attract qualified leads that actually turn into clients, you need data that you can trust. However, typical data simply won’t do – you need market intelligence that’s specific to your business and locale, which is exactly what LeadGenius provides.”

About LeadGenius

LeadGenius equips B2B clients with tailored data sets that shine a new light on their business and prospects. Since its inception in 2011, the company has lent its expertise to many prominent clients, including SAP, Salesforce, and Paypal. 

Give your B2B enterprise a veritable edge with custom data sets. Contact LeadGenius today to request a free and no-obligation demonstration.

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