Get Tips On How To Optimize Your Background And Other Video Calls Best Practices

Jan 4, 2021

Learn how to optimize backgrounds on virtual meetings and other tips from communications experts in ADVO Group’s Zoom Boom video tutorial series.

Make the best impression and create the right impact on virtual meetings with the right background. Get highly effective tips from communication consulting firm ADVO Group on the best practices for online calls.

Communications training experts at ADVO Group have launched the third in their series of video tutorials on best meeting practices on Zoom and other online meeting apps. The video may be accessed for free on the group’s Youtube channel.

See the videos here:

ADVO Group’s newly launched video focuses on video call backgrounds and how they can be optimized to give participants their best digital presence. This is the third in the group’s “Zoom Boom” video coaching series, where they give out tips on the best tools and practices for successful video meetings.

The Zoom Boom video series features five short, entertaining video tutorials on what ADVO Group identifies as the most essential elements to creating the right impact in video calls. These include lighting, framing, background, eye line, and connection.

With the current pandemic necessitating remote working and virtual meetings, ADVO Group aims to help business leaders navigate the new office landscape and ensure communications within their organization remain effective.

The firm has developed proprietary programs and techniques to train and coach executives and employees in communications and leadership. Their latest course offering is the Foundations of Kinection, an online training course with “snackable” or short, easy to digest videos and content that may be accessed at times convenient to you.

The Zoom Boom video tutorials serve as a sneak peek into the kind of micro-coaching and edutainment you can expect from Kinection Academy. More information about the course and how to enroll can be found at

ADVO Group was founded by established actors Greg Derelian and Peter Katona. Both have a Master’s Degree from the Yale School of Drama and have extensive experiences in Broadway and off-Broadway performances, television, film, commercials, and more.

Greg and Peter translate the most effective acting principles into solutions for communication challenges in the workplace and beyond. The group’s clients include Hyatt, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Genentech, Seattle Children’s Hospital, and other high profile organizations.

According to a satisfied client, “What I most appreciated was breaking everything down to simple tangible steps that are easy to change in your day to day. I appreciate that much more than a philosophical large idea approach to improving ourselves, etc.”

You can learn more from ADVO Group’s website and the URLs mentioned above.

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