Get This Cozy, Lightweight & Tech-Friendly Blanket For Chilly Rooms And Offices

Jun 16, 2021

A specially designed tech-friendly blanket called the WarmerUpper was recently launched by online store LapWrap, LLC. This cozy thermal blanket helps anyone who often feels chilly stay warm and comfortable. The addition of a detachable tech device pouch and accompanying universal extension cord keeps devices charged and within reach.

If you’re the type of person who always feels cold, or you have an aging parent or relative that often complains about rooms being too cold despite others feeling quite comfortable, the Warmer Upper blanket is for you!

Online retailer LapWrap, LLC has launched the Warmer Upper, a cozy, multifunctional, wing-wrap blanket. Suitable for everyone but especially fitting for older adults, the soft, full-leg length throw is made of high-quality polyester-based Polartec Thermal Pro. It comes with a detachable transparent, touch-sensitive plastic pouch designed to keep your devices organized, visible and accessible, and a six-foot universal extension cord that keeps your devices connected and close by.

Surprise your parents with this thoughtful gift! Details can be found at

This new style of blanket is a wing-shaped, multi-functional throw that keeps you cozy and warm while the accompanying Clear-View Touch-Sensitive removable pouch keeps your television remotes, smartphones, and other devices organized and at hand.

Studies show that aging adults become more sensitive to cold temperatures. Summer or fall, a breezy room that feels just right to you can be intolerable for the elderly.

The Warmer Upper helps keep aging parents and friends warm without raising in-home temperatures. Its soft-tuft texture is made of 100 percent hyper-allergenic polyester-based thermal materials to optimize warmth and comfort. Wing-wrap functionality means the blanket conveniently drapes around your body while also extending down your legs.

The transparent, detachable device organizer is a simple yet breakthrough user-experience design idea. This addition to the Warmer Upper package helps reduce the number of times you need to get up from the couch to look for a misplaced phone, tablet, book or television remote.

The pouch attaches to the blanket with a Velcro strip, and features touch-sensitive technology. This means your devices can be enabled through the plastic pouch cover instead of being removed and potentially dropped or mislaid.

The addition of a six-foot universal extension cord keeps your devices charged and close by.

The Warmer Upper multi-functional blanket is portable, and a handy accessory for when you’re traveling, attending sporting and other outdoor events, and for those air-conditioned offices.

US veteran-owned and designed, a portion of the revenue from your Warmer Upper purchase will be donated to the Disabled American Veterans organization.

The launch of the Warmer Upper by online store LapWrap, LLC, gives you a perfect portable solution to drafty indoor rooms and chilly outdoor events all wrapped up in a single, cozy, tech-friendly lap blanket.

Are you ready for a lifetime of comfort? Visit to find out more.

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