Get Therapy For PTSD Symptoms, Hair Pulling & Skin Picking In North Vancouver

Aug 16, 2022

Grigore Counseling (1-778-883-4819), having already helped some of the biggest names in Hollywood and the music industry, is bringing their EMDR therapy service to North Vancouver.

Get Therapy For PTSD Symptoms, Hair Pulling & Skin Picking In North Vancouver

You don’t deserve to be haunted by your past trauma. After all, it isn’t Halloween (unless you happen to be reading this on October 31st. In that case, Trick or Treat!). If you find yourself unable to confront the root causes of your anxieties or stress, there is a therapy available in North Vancouver that may help.

Grigore Counseling’s “Celebrity Saviour” program has already done wonders for all manner of famous folk, not to mention the countless non-movie stars who have benefitted from it.

Their EMDR procedure is approved by the World Health Organization and other prominent regulatory bodies and has garnered praise from many prominent voices.

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The method is non-invasive and involves using EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, to help your brain break negative thought patterns. This method encourages you to gently process trauma and grief that you may have previously been unable to address, therefore attacking stress at its root.

According to Robert Grigore, the man behind the development of the “Celebrity Saviour” EMDR program, this therapy has an increased chance of alleviating stress in the long-term. By restructuring the mental patterns that lead to negative behaviors like face picking, the treatment can help alleviate your symptoms in the short term as well.

The program is so-called because of the many prominent celebrity voices who have endorsed and benefitted from the treatment. These voices include musical artists such as Mel B, Hollywood superstars Jameela Jamil and Sandra Bullock, and even Prince Harry.

This treatment has been designed by Grigore to take substantially less time than traditional therapeutic methods. As such, it is ideal for you if you have a busy lifestyle or feel intimidated by the notion of being, as Grigore puts it, “on the couch” in a therapist’s office.

His guiding philosophy when working with you is that, “I believe clients have been through enough already, and seeking help should actually lead to relief. I believe the client should complete treatment in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods. I believe Total Immersion EMDR is the next step in the evolution of EMDR and of the Therapy Industry in general.”

Grigore’s therapy also includes an optional retreat, which combines the trauma processing of EMDR with a luxury spa experience. These two things combined can help alleviate your trauma of past negative experiences while also immersing you completely in a setting free of stress.

If your past is preventing you from moving toward a brighter future, you need Grigore Counseling’s service. Call them today to get a free consultation!

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