Get The Right Wolcott NY Kim Park Properties For You In Wayne County By Visiting This Site

Mar 7, 2017

A Wolcott, New York property specialist has announced that she has hired YourProfitWeb to do her digital marketing. Kim Park offers a range of properties for all budgets in the local area, helping people to find their dream home.

Kim Park has announced that she has hired YourProfitWeb to do the digital marketing for her company, Kim Park Properties LLC. Her company operates and maintains 18 apartments and homes around the New York area, and conducts all screening of applicants and management of expenses for all properties. In addition to this, it manages all updates, and works to repair units to maintain customer quality.

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Kim Park Properties was founded in 2003 by owner operator Kim Park. Kim has a vast background in real estate and real estate development. Kim Park Properties was developed with the mission of providing quality affordable housing options in the Wayne County New York area.

The motto of this company is "making our properties your home". Kim Park Properties has a variety of rental options from single family dwellings to multiple units. Kim is a community minded business owner hiring local contractors and purchasing goods and services locally for maintenance and upkeep.

Kim Park grew up in Wolcott on her family dairy farm, and explains that it has always felt like home to her. She grew up working hard on the farm, and it helped her to learn about herself and establish work ethics and responsibilities.

She graduated college with a B.S. in Marketing and a B.A in Psychology. She found work in marketing for McGraw Hill, and enjoyed traveling and the opportunities to present information and engage in public speaking.

She works on the town and county boards, serving the town and giving back to the community. In addition to this, she runs her business, helping people to find dream homes in New York.

A range of properties are available through Kim Park Properties, so people looking to move to the area for the career opportunities or the vast array of cultural options to explore can find an apartment that's right for them.

Full details are available on the URL above, where interested parties can get in touch with Kim to find an apartment for themselves.

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