Find Out How The Land Bank Concept is Getting a Foothold in Oswego County

Mar 24, 2017

Wanting to breathe life into Oswego County housing, the Oswego County Land Bank Corporation, set up 12-months-ago takes vacant, abandoned and tax-delinquent properties and makes them inhabitable once again. Wishing to continue its expansion, the land bank recently appointed Kim Park, veteran property manager as their executive director and took on three more properties.

After two weeks of deliberation, the board of directors for the Oswego County Land Bank Corporation, a vacant, abandoned and tax-delinquent property reclaiming and improvement foundation, has released details of who will head their organization established 12-months-ago. Kim Park Wolcott NY private and public sector land veteran and property manager, with deep ties to Oswego County, received a unanimous vote, thus appointing her as head of the corporation. Park's diverse property experience and understanding of housing was the drive behind the board's decision.

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Designed to improve housing stock in the Oswego County neighborhood, the land bank takes ownership of unused properties and returns these to productive use. Subsequently, the land bank has recently demolished unused structures in Mexico, Phoenix and Oswego.

The land bank also voted to accept three more Oswego properties, subject to council approval. If this acquisition goes ahead, then the land bank will hold ten properties. These new developments exist on 240 West Fifth Street, 152 East Oneida Street and 155 East Third Street, and are in a derelict state. Consequently, contractors will level the buildings.

The land bank concept is relatively new. Therefore, Kim Park Wayne County NY will need to help educate locals about the operation and how it can help those in search of investment opportunities and others in search of housing. The position will also need Park to understand and navigate grants and negotiate between state and federal government. This area is where Park will excel as her extensive experience as supervisor of the town of Wolcott, which spanned over 10-years, will come in to play, along with her operational expertise of Kim Park Properties, a unit development.

Holding a Master Degree in Public Administration and Science, as well as a Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Business Administration enables Park to combine her theoretically knowledge with her field experience. Park, who currently manages Kim Park Properties, a 17-unit apartment complex, deals directly with tenants and oversees property applications, maintenance and expenses.

When asked about the land bank appointment, Kim Park Wolcott NY said, “Land banks are relatively new and not a lot of them exist in New York, so a lot of the job will be working with people and helping them learn what a land bank is and what a contribution it can make. Overall, the position is a unique marriage of my skills.”

To find out more about the Oswego County Land Bank Corporation and the appointment of Kim Park Wayne County NY as the executive director, click on the link above.

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