Get The Proper Medicare Coverage With Help From Independent Insurers

Nov 18, 2021

Looking for expert advice on your Medicare coverage? Call The Modern Medicare Agency for information on amending your plan with Medicare Open Enrollment.

Make the changes you need to your Medicare Advantage plan with Open Enrollment services from Huntington Station area independent insurers.

The Modern Medicare Agency, a New York based independent insurance agency, has announced the launch of an updated range of Medicare Open Enrollment services for seniors. The agency offers consultations to help clients better understand their Medicare coverage options.

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The recently updated services offer an alternative method for amending your existing Medicare plan outside of the annual enrollment period.

The Medicare Open Enrollment program occurs from January 1st to March 31st each year and allows you to make a single change to your coverage. Changes applied for during Open Enrollment go into effect on the 1st of the following month and allow you to personalize your Medicare coverage even if you have missed Medicare’s annual enrollment period.

The Modern Medicare Agency works hard to ensure you fully understand what Medicare coverage options are available to you.

Possible coverage changes during Medicare Open Enrollment include switching Medicare Advantage plans or reverting to an original Medicare and drug plan. You can also apply for supplemental medical coverage during this period. Since only one change can be made during Open Enrollment, The Modern Medicare Agency works to ensure the change you apply for best suit your healthcare needs.

The agency was founded by Paul Barrett, an independent Medicare agent with 11 years of experience. Working with an independent agent ensures you get an unbiased look at Medicare options since independent agents are not bound to sales quotas or required selling packages. The agency is licensed in 16 states including New York so you can take advantage of Medicare Open Enrollment services even if you are not located in New York.

With the latest announcement, The Modern Medicare Agency continues its commitment to helping clients get the most appropriate coverage for their unique healthcare needs.

A satisfied client said: “Paul is extremely good at helping people with their health insurance needs. I asked him a million and one questions and he took the time to answer each one. Mr. Barrett came to my home so I could sign papers in time to be covered for my upcoming medical treatments.”

The Modern Medicare Agency offers expert Medicare advice you can rely on. Call them at 631-358-5793 to set up your Medicare Open Enrollment consultation today!

Ready to amend your Medicare Advantage coverage? Go to to find out more!

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