Get The Natural Sea Salt Oral Piercing Aftercare Rinse Recommended By Dentists

Feb 5, 2023

For the best mouth piercing aftercare, get H2Ocean natural sea salt oral rinses. They’re better for you than a mixture of table salt and water because they speed up the healing process while fighting bacteria and infections. Plus, they taste great!

Get The Natural Sea Salt Oral Piercing Aftercare Rinse Recommended By Dentists

Let's talk mouth piercings!

These days, you have all kinds of cool and creative piercing options to choose from, and whether you want a Monroe or Madonna, a Labret, the Jestrum, a Vertical Labret, Spider bite or tongue piercing, you're going to have to keep that beauty clean and sterile for a good month. Even after that you'll still need to maintain diligent care and cleaning, or your favorite new fashion statement will turn on you like a racoon on free food.

Sounds arduous but your cleaning and healing process doesn't have to be a huge thing, it can be as simple as rinsing with a tasty antibacterial mouthwash that keeps your piercing healthy while also freshening your breath and whitening your teeth! All that in one modest little sea salt rinse with all the big healing benefits.

Arctic Ocean and Lemon Ice natural oral rinses from eco-friendly company H2Ocean are made with natural sea salt, USP-grade reverse osmosis water, xylitol, which prevents over-drying and fends off strep, and lysozyme, an antibacterial enzyme already present in your body.

The rinses also contain over 82 trace minerals present in your body’s cells, and are safe for all ages. H2Ocean cleansing rinses are the #1 most recommended mouthwash among dentists for oral piercing aftercare.

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When it comes to your mouth piercing, proper aftercare is vital. Even if you've had your lip, tongue, cheek or frenulum piercing for years, you should still be rinsing with a recommended mouthwash to keep the area clean, prevent infection, and prevent the piercing from closing.

Natural Sea Salt Oral Care healing rinses from H2Ocean are formulated to help tissues heal from the inside out while preventing infection so your piercing always looks awesome because, let's face it, a red and swollen wound is not the look you're going for.

Did you know that, compared to body piercings, oral piercings have a greater risk of infection? This is because your mouth hosts millions of harmful bacteria. Disciplined aftercare is therefore crucial for preventing these harmful bacteria warriors from invading your freshly pierced area.

Organic sea salt rinses help heal and protect your piercings, new and old. There are no harmful chemicals in these products but simply a sea salt-based rinse with lysozyme enzymes that mimic your mouth’s biome and xylitol, a natural sweetener found in fruits and vegetables that helps prevent dry mouth, fends off strep, and which also keeps plaque from forming on your teeth.

Founded in 2001 by marine biologist and natural formulations chemist Eddie Kolos, H2Ocean is now a premier natural oral and skincare company known for its organic, Red Sea salt-based products. The company has always demonstrated uncompromising safety standards and is committed to preserving the ocean, the planet, and to helping people like you access the natural, bacteria-fighting cleansing properties sea salt offers.

A company representative says, “Our mission is simple: create high-quality products that heal the body using natural and potent remedies found in the world’s oceans. We are a company of natural innovations that seeks to improve the health of the people and the planet.”

Are you ready to ditch the harsh table salt mixture and get a rinse that'll keep your mouth fresh and your piercing amazing? Find out more about H2Ocean at

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