Get The Most Amazing Hypnosis Show With This Famous Hypnotist

Mar 6, 2017

If you’re looking for a unique, memorable show to mark a special event, look no further than the amazing Richard Barker! This world-renowned hypnotist performed more than 6,500 shows all over the world, and his shows have been featured on CBS, NBC, FOX and other channels – book an amazing show today!

  • get the most amazing hypnosis show with this famous hypnotist
  • get the most amazing hypnosis show with this famous hypnotist

Richard Barker, a professional certified hypnotist, launched an updated range of entertainment hypnosis shows for high school graduation parties, corporate events, fairs and festivals and more.

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Hypnosis has many applications as both a valid psychological treatment and for entertainment purposes. Hypnosis stage shows are growing in popularity and they are becoming common features at corporate events, high school graduation parties, comedy festivals, TV shows and other similar events.

Richard Barker is a professional hypnotist with more than twenty years of experience and over 6,500 shows performed in over thirty countries. As a professional hypnotist and entertainer, he has been featured on many TV programs such as “The Late Late Show With James Corden” and “The Today Show”.

He recently updated his hypnosis entertainment services to provide a wide range of hypnosis stage shows for a variety of events. From birthday parties to corporate events, Richard Barker can customize his hypnosis repertoire according to the needs and expectations of his clients to provide a high-quality, highly entertaining hypnosis stage show.

Richard Barker strives to create a comfortable atmosphere in which the participants are entertained and satisfied, without feeling any excessive pressure or need to comply.

In a recent interview, Richard Barker described his humor-oriented attitude during his shows: “My aim is to ensure when you leave my show you will remember it for the rest of your life. You will be laughing so much it will induce tears, the show is so much fun and the best entertainment you will see for years. I do my very best to make sure each and every person is involved and walks away with a personal memory”.

Richard Barker’s routines feature appropriate audience interactions, clean, safe and entertaining moments, fun and engaging topics and a wide range of unique, event-specific features.

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