Get the Inside Scoop: AVRillo’s Latest Estate Agents Material Info Pack is Here

Apr 9, 2024

AVRillo leads UK conveyancing with its Material Information Pack, revolutionising estate agency processes, enhancing transparency, and slashing transaction times. Discover how this innovation aligns with crucial legal standards to benefit all property transaction parties.

In the realm of UK conveyancing, AVRillo stands out as a beacon of innovation and excellence, having clinched a prestigious Gold award for its forward-thinking approach. The firm has catalysed a major leap forward in the estate agency and home moving landscape, focusing on accelerating the disclosure of Material Information and reinforcing the responsibilities of estate agents. This strategic initiative is set to redefine the standards for transactional transparency and efficiency, with a keen aim to slash the typical completion timelines significantly. By ensuring that the bulk of legal tasks are efficiently handled within an average span of 103 days post-offer acceptance, AVRillo is reshaping the conveyancing experience.

Material Information plays a pivotal role in the property transaction ecosystem, governed stringently by the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations (CPR). These regulations stipulate a mandatory full disclosure of all pertinent Material Information before a property is marketed or listed, empowering buyers to make well-informed decisions regarding property viewings, offers, and purchases.

In response to the critical necessity for adherence to Material Information laws and the obligations of sellers to provide this data, AVRillo has innovated a detailed Material Information Pack. This tool is meticulously designed to support estate agents in the upfront disclosure of all crucial information, ensuring alignment with the standards set by authoritative entities including the Law Society, Council of Mortgage Lenders, Propertymark, the government, and National Trading Standards. By facilitating this level of disclosure, the Material Information Pack steers the conveyancing process towards heightened efficiency and reliability, and remarkably diminishes the rate of transaction fall-throughs in the UK from an alarming 39.8% to a mere 5%.

A profound survey by Moverly on a national scale reveals the significant emotional strain associated with buying and selling property, with 83% of participants reporting stress-related issues during or following their move, and a notable 39.8% not managing to move at all. This results in considerable financial implications. Furthermore, a staggering 72% of individuals rank the conveyancing and moving process among the top five stressors in life, with 11% deeming it the single most stressful event, ranking higher than life's other formidable challenges such as death, divorce, and major health crises.

Set to revolutionise the estate agency and home moving industry, AVRillo's Material Information Pack introduces a more streamlined, transparent, and efficient process for estate agents and their clients. This innovation significantly cuts down delays, bolsters buyer transparency, and lowers the risk of severe consequences, including imprisonment, unlimited fines, and more. Early access to Material Information for clients ensures a transaction defined by transparency, certainty, and trust, enabling earlier and more informed decision-making. This initiative is fundamentally aimed at mitigating the associated stress, cost, and time burdens of property transactions.

Highlighting AVRillo's commitment to digital excellence and regulatory compliance, the Material Information Pack is featured on a dedicated page at This page details how the pack addresses wasted costs, delays, and transaction failures through AVRillo's award-winning advancements in digital and scientific realms, ensuring compliance with the requisite Material Information mandates from government and regulatory bodies.

The deployment of the Material Information Pack by AVRillo marks a transformative step in the UK estate industry, adhering to Trading Standards' Parts A, B, and C. By prioritising the clear and accessible provision of Material Information, this initiative accrues benefits to all stakeholders in property transactions, notably enhancing service transparency and efficiency for sellers, buyers, and estate agents alike. This approach not only streamlines the market listing time, currently pegged at 103 days by OnTheMarket, but also significantly shortens the duration from offer acceptance to completion, potentially matching the more expedient timescales observed in Scandinavian countries.

For those navigating the intricacies of property transactions, AVRillo's Material Information Pack provides a valuable resource, offering insights and tools designed to streamline the process. This initiative not only aligns with legal and regulatory expectations but also facilitates a more seamless and stress-free property transaction journey for all involved.

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