Get The Free Communication Coaching Workshop You Need From This LA Specialist

Jun 1, 2021

Looking to improve your professional communication skills? Call the LA-based team at ADVO Group to get a free, virtual workshop for business people and emerging leaders.

Never allow poor communication skills to hold back your professional development and career progress – call the specialist virtual workshop providers at ADVOgroup in LA to get the expert communication support you need!

ADVOgroup Inc., a professional development program provider based in Los Angeles, have recently updated their virtual education support services, offering a new, 45 minute online power workshop for people looking to improve their workplace communication skills.

More information is available at

The development specialists are now offering a free, 45 minute workshop designed to challenge people to practice mindfulness in both their verbal and non-verbal communication. The newly launched professional development opportunity aims to offer support to employees, managers, and teachers no matter their income status.

The new, accessible training sessions are ideal for public speakers, aspiring leaders, students, and entrepreneurs no matter what stage in their career they have reached. Potential workshop attendees can express their interest in the 45 minute, expert-run session by emailing or calling ADVOgroup.

The LA company have built their education systems based on the three principles of purpose, presentation, and presence, helping people utilize communication frameworks in order to connect with their team and staff more effectively. In addition to their complimentary 45 minute power workshops, ADVOgroup offer programs in communication for organizations, teams, and individuals, including workshops specially designed to support both emerging and established leaders.

As well as offering premium virtual courses, the ADVOgroup have offices in both Los Angeles and Denver. They have worked with people in a range of fields, including healthcare executives, higher education professionals, and CEOs. Specifically, their workshops and virtual courses combine a number of industry-proven communication tools, including interactive exercises, pop quizzes, and informative videos, to support business professionals and leaders.

Interested parties can read and watch testimonials from satisfied clients at

The ADVOgroup founders, Greg Derelian and Peter Katona, are dedicated to helping business people, educators, and organization leaders communicate with clarity and intention. Through a combination of virtual workshops and tailor-made coaching sessions, the ADVOgroup team aims to help people re-evaluate their communication patterns and overcome leadership challenges in order to become more effective and empathetic in their chosen field.

A spokesperson for the company said “The opportunity to level-up your communication, connection and leadership abilities is here. Connect with people on a deeper, human level.”

You can find out more at or by calling +1-310-975-7032.

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