Get The Best Workout Shorts For CrossFit And Weightlifting With This Company

Aug 12, 2020

Women who CrossFit, lift weights or do yoga will be interested in the newly launched line of shorts from WodBottom. The fitness start-up has developed a range that prevents roll-ups, sweat patches, and wedgies.

Are you fed up of your shorts rolling up while you workout? Do you want a pair of body-forming shorts that prevent sweat marks and wedgies? Do you want to wear workout clothing that is as unique as you are? If you have answered ‘yes’, this is the product line you’ve been waiting for!

A specialist athletic wear start-up based in Verona, WI, has launched a new range of women’s fitness shorts for CrossFit, Weightlifting, and Yoga. In case you are wondering, WodBottom has recently closed its first round of private funding, which has enabled it to grow and reach more customers such as yourself.

You can find out more at

The newly launched fitness shorts are designed to help you and other women feel good when you are wearing gym or workout clothes. The vibrant and unique designs of the shorts are reflective of the fact many within the sporting and fitness community want to express themselves and their personalities through the clothing they wear.

Body positivity, confidence, and acceptance are what drive the brand to continually create new and interesting designs. While the team behind WodBottom did not expect to be focusing on shorts, the demand from customers for tight, body-forming shorts has driven sales and the company forward.

Designs currently available to you via the website include ‘kiss my hass’, which features weightlifting avocados, the ‘unirex’ which is a combination of a unicorn and a T-Rex working out surrounded by bright stars, and the ‘daisy glutes 3.25’ that are currently available for you to pre-order.

In case you are wondering, the latter are made of a combination of polyester and spandex, meaning the fabric is moisture-wicking and non-sweat-darkening, so you can workout without worrying about sweat patches. They also reduce the chance of wedgies, roll-ups, and other inconvenient occurrences that can happen when you are wearing ordinary shorts.

In addition to helping you and other women feel stronger and happier in their bodies, the company works with the Domestic Abuse Intervention Services (DAIS) by donating a proportion of its sales revenue each month. The charity supports men and women to find safety from domestic abuse, whether through an escape plan or accommodation.

A company representative said: “Working out, weightlifting, and doing CrossFit can help you to improve your body confidence. At WodBottom, we have designed shorts specifically to help you feel good about yourself while you are exercising.”

You can find out more via the link provided! Alternatively, you can read about the latest round of investment here

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