Get The Best Vancouver-Made Minimalist Montessori Furniture For Toddlers

Sep 2, 2021

Looking for minimalist children’s furniture that you’ll love as much as your kids do? Sapiens Child (+1-778-709-0629) in Vancouver offers handmade Montessori-style items for toddlers!

Are you a lover of adorable, tiny children’s furniture, but don’t have the room for the clutter? Want to teach your child to use their imagination, without overstimulating them? Then take a look at the updated range of furniture from Sapiens Child.

The recently released range uses durable materials that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday toddler activities and playtime.

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Sapiens Child’s latest range has been developed in response to customer feedback, designed and manufactured for your child’s mental, physical and emotional development.

An ex-mechanical engineer with a passion for carpentry, owner Jorge began to build children’s furniture after his son was born, and his wife became increasingly interested in the Montessori style of education. This approach focuses on hands-on learning and self-directed activity that allows your child the freedom to make their own learning choices.

The range of furniture from Sapiens Child builds on this by offering pieces that are “mindfully minimal” to encourage your child’s imagination and eagerness for exploration. The simple items from the company teach toddlers to thrive in an environment that doesn’t overstimulate or attempt to control their creativity, using the Montessori principle of “less is more.”

Jorge’s lovingly built collection has been made to appeal to you and your children alike – small enough for tiny toddler hands, and compact enough to have a place in even a small apartment.

Sapiens Child’s current range includes the GUAVA bookshelf, the MANGO coat and shoe rack, the PAPAYA chair, and PAPAYA table, and the SAPIENS bundle. All products are suitable for small spaces, are finished with non-toxic, water-based, eco-friendly varnish and paint, and are suitable for children aged 12 to 42 months.

With the latest announcement, Sapiens Child continues to invest in creating stylish, educational children’s furniture in Vancouver for customers both in Canada and the US.

“Our little guy is crazy about his very own coat rack,” said one happy customer. “He really likes hanging his coats and organizing his shoes. It has improved his motor skills a lot. And the seat inside the coat rack has really helped him with learning how to put on his boots all by himself. As parents, it’s also nice to have a stylishly designed piece of furniture that actually matches the rest of our house.”

Sapiens Child is the Montessori-style kids’ furniture brand you can trust to create beautiful minimalist items for your home that your children will love and learn from!

Ready to take a look? Visit to buy yours now!

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