Get The Best Torrance 3D-Measured Bevel Shaker & Raised Panel Interior Doors

Feb 1, 2023

Are the doors in your house due for an upgrade? If so, give the experts at Interior Door & Closet Company (310-660-7483) of Torrance a try.

Get The Best Torrance 3D-Measured Bevel Shaker & Raised Panel Interior Doors

Add that extra dimension to your home with some brand-new interior doors from Interior Door & Closet Company!

The Torrance, CA home renovation expert is now providing its interior door installation and replacement services to customers as far as Thousand Oaks. They specialize in whole home interior door installations and replacements using their patented 3D measuring system.

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Interior Door & Closet Company offers 35 unique door designs for you to choose from, including raised panel, beveled shaker, modern, glass, and authentic wood. All doors are made with quality, heavy-duty materials for a smooth swing. The doors also cancel noise with a sound reduction of up to 50%. In terms of functionality, the doors can be swinging, sliding, bypass, or byfold.

To install the doors, Interior Door & Closet Company utilizes a proprietary 3D measuring system. The device scans your existing doorframe and hardware to get the exact geometry of your doorway. The scans are then sent to the factory where the doors are custom-made to match the precise measurements. The device is accurate to within 1/1,000th of an inch, ensuring that every door fits evenly.

Each door is carefully cut on high-tech CNC machinery using 18 unique blades. The sides are evenly trimmed and sanded to eliminate rubbing, jambs, and excessive gaps. Locksets and hinge pockets are routered to match existing frames, and doors are primed and painted with advanced coating paint.

“I’m a rocket scientist in the aerospace industry,” said a satisfied customer. “I have to say that their system of scanning the doorways and creating a custom door for each doorway is absolutely genius and a revolution in the door industry. Who would've thought?”

To take advantage of Interior Door & Closet Company’s interior door installation and replacement services, your can schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. From there, you will meet with a certified designer to personalize the interior door style, selecting the size, thickness, finish, sticking, hardware, and more. Once measurements are taken, the doors are crafted, and then delivered and installed for you all within one day.

Though their showroom is located in Torrance, Interior Door & Closet Company serves the entire greater Los Angeles area. For a full map of their service area please visit

About Interior Door & Closet

As an authorized dealer of One Day Doors & Closets, Interior Door & Closet Company has been serving Torrance and the surrounding Los Angeles area since 2004. In addition to interior doors, they also install and replace closet doors, barn doors, and home organization systems. For these projects, the 3D-measuring system is also used.

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