Get The Best Tips To Become A Property Investment Entrepreneur In Crescent Head

Apr 1, 2021

Looking for the best real estate investment advisor in Crescent Head, New South Wales? Contact David C Gray today to learn how to transform lifestyle through the property!

If you want to become a real estate entrepreneur but don’t know where to start, this new ebook is the solution for you!

David C Gray, an experienced real estate investment advisor in Port Macquarie, announced the launch of his new ebook, “Secrets of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur”. David specialises in property investing on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales and developments in Crescent Head and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

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With the latest announcement, David is dedicated to helping as many people as possible reach their financial goals through property and find the right property as a buyers agent.

Property investment can be an excellent way to secure financial freedom. Unlike other forms of investment which hold a greater level of uncertainty, property investments mostly gain substantially in value over a longer period of time.

A recently sold property in Port Macquarie has achieved an area record sale price of over $2.9M previously sold for $1.4M in 2003. An article by RealCommercial talks about the increased interest in leisure style properties like this one is in high demand.

Also, those who choose to invest in real estate have complete autonomy and control over their investment strategies. They decide which properties they want to invest in, how much rental income to charge per month, and who will manage and maintain their property.

David C Gray understands the benefits of becoming a real estate entrepreneur and is committed to helping others enjoy long-term financial security through property. He has over 20 years of property investment experience, and his portfolio includes personal property in the residential, commercial, industrial, retail, and accommodation sectors.

Currently, David has an integrated property business under the Ideal Property Group master brand and has 9 Elders real estate offices. His team also manages over 3,000 investments through his Port Macquarie Property Management brand and has recently diversified into finance and insurance.

David has teamed up and with some of the best real estate mindset & high-performance coaches in the country Geoff Jowett, Josh Phegan & Lee Woodward. David invests in his team to help them live a healthy successful career in real estate. David’s e-book talks about how your mind plays a role in your success or failers in real estate investing.

David’s new book covers the most important aspects of becoming a lifestyle property entrepreneur. “Secrets of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur” includes the essential steps to creating one’s ideal lifestyle and capturing the proactive “Property Mindset”.

It also addresses setting realistic goals and personal action plans and understanding one’s income and the value proposition of lifestyle choices.

A satisfied client said: “An absolute game-changer of a book. Dave is one of those people who has actually done it himself, hence why his lessons make sense! He has been there, done that and proved his formulas work. A GREAT read.”

More information about David or his ebook can be found at

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