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Dec 21, 2020

JMOR Connection has updated its YouTube channel, which provides you with professional unboxings and reviews of technology products to help you find the right products for your future purchases.

Are you looking for expert technology reviews and unboxings? Would you like insight into tech products from an expert in the industry?

The JMOR Connection has recently announced its updated YouTube channel, which provides you with technology unboxings and detailed insights from an engineering and technology expert.

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On Jan 8, 2021 Karl Weaver will be on the show who is a Global Business Development Director (BoAT) or Block Chain of AI Things and will discuss with us how cellular service, IOT and now BoAT are forming a new ecosystem that will change the way our world communicates not just locally but also on an international level.

Karl J. Weaver discussed Mobile NFC & payments on a panel session at 2013 SeattleBiz-Tech Summit, for session titled, Innovation and Impacts of Mobile Technology on Saturday, October 19th in Bellevue Hyatt Hotel, from 10:00AM-12:00PM and has made numerous scholastic contributions to the betterment of (BoAT) or Block Chain of AI Things.

He was responsible for cloud service provider engagement to build the first proof of concept globally for Furthermore, he wrote the first white paper in English to help expand outside of china He states and I quote “SDK to cellular IoT Module manufacturers to Blockchain applications and platforms with attestation and security. provides trusted identity authentication and data privacy preserving protection of the data. A major focus in enterprise consortium Blockchain alliances and ecosystem.”

This is a show you that will definitely make you asks a lot of questions to what is going in our world and for information about this be sure to check out his website at


Technology is always moving forward and on Jan 15, 2021 my next guest had discovered that ordering a custom bookcase was downright medieval. Thus, Tino Go founded Baru, to deliver custom home furnishings to consumers and thus improves the customer’s experience.

Baru lets shoppers be their own furniture designers and allows them to select among furniture styles and options in their catalog. Baru’s augmented reality by using a mobile app that lets shoppers preview it in their home before they purchase. If the shopper needs the product in a different sizes or material, they just customize it in the app before buying. Using the app enables shoppers to see what they are designing before ordering and Baru delivers within two weeks.

The company developed a patent-pending process to streamline the production of custom goods. Baru manufactures within an hour of the customer’s home and utilizes local production which avoids expensive inventory, complex logistics and keeps work in local towns.

If you are interested in business partnership opportunities, investment, or other inquiries please reach out to Tino Go on linked in:

We also will be having Evan Puschak, AKA The Nerd Writer on our show in January which is another show you will want to tune in for.


The updated unboxing channel aims to give you an informative and entertaining look at tech products to hel you to understand which products suit your needs for future purchases. The channel’s host John C. Morley, who has thirty years of experience in the tech industry, provides both unboxings and reviews on products with detailed analysis. 

When purchasing a new item of technology, it can be difficult for you to know which products are right for your needs. Furthermore, when looking up reviews online, you can be unsure of how reliable and knowledgeable the reviews can be. JMOR Connection is aiming to help you make informed choices about the products you purchase with detailed insights that benefit from John C. Morely’s engineering expertise.

The JMOR Connection’s Unboxing channel gives you the benefit of both unboxings and reviews conducted by John C. Morley in which he provides his initial impressions and professional analysis followed by expert opinions and reviews of the products after he has used them. The reviews cover products ranging from smaller portable devices through to larger household equipment products such as dishwashers. The JMOR unboxing YouTube Channel can be found here

JMOR Connection is also encouraging companies to send their technology products for John C. Morley to review if they are looking to showcase their items. With an engaged audience of tech enthusiasts, JMOR Connection is able to highlight items to early adopters and influencers to help companies highlight their products to key potential buyers. Information on how to send products to JMOR Connection can be found here

John C. Morley and JMOR Connection also deliver the JMOR Tech Talk Show, where John and his co-host Marcus Hart discuss current topics and products in the world of technology for you to learn more about upcoming products and advances to keep you up to date.

Discover detailed insight and reviews on tech products with JMOR Connection’s updated YouTube unboxing channel today!

For more information, you can visit the URLs mentioned above or visit and click the Reach Out Today button on the upper right side of the page.

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