Get The Best Tax Liability Reduction Strategies With Zero-Risk Trust Creation

Aug 10, 2022

Are you tired of paying too much tax? What if you could legally protect your wealth without the hassle of an offshore account? With this solution, you can!

Get The Best Tax Liability Reduction Strategies With Zero-Risk Trust Creation

Once you hit a certain income threshold, it makes sense to protect your wealth. Instead of getting stung up for ridiculous amounts of tax, why not keep the money that’s rightfully yours?

This workshop has been released as part of a continuous learning framework that educates you about legal tax-saving strategies. PWA specializes in helping you privatize and protect your wealth.

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The workshop covers information on how to legally reduce income tax liability to zero and avoid probate and inheritance taxes. You will also learn how to protect your assets from lawsuits and safeguard your money and home from seizure.

These financial risk mitigation measures can be used by anyone and require no expert or legal input, offshore accounts, or special shelters.

Through the workshop, PWA is able to offer you guidance on how to protect assets and drastically reduce taxes through an asset protection system known as the “Bulletproof Trust”. A well-executed, private trust of this nature legally owns assets for your benefit and offers maximum tax and lawsuit protection.

The workshop offers insight into the financial benefits of a private “Bulletproof Trust” and step-by-step instructions on how to legally establish one. It will explore how these trusts can provide 100% protection from probate, inheritance and estate taxes, personal liability, and bankruptcy.

The process includes reading through the documentation, finding a grantor (an individual or entity that creates a trust), signing the documentation, and having an online notary signature verification.

Founded in the United States by former private investigator, Carlton Weiss, the Private Wealth Academy (PWA) offers different courses on asset protection, tax tips, and other wealth protection measures.

In addition to Weiss, the PWA team consists of a head trustee, corporate owner, marketing expert, corporate credit expert, head of support, and A/V and Tech support expert. This ensures that a community of experts is available to you for advice and support at any time.

A recent client said: “The support has been vital in the creation of this Trust. Any questions or concerns, they answered. The whole community has been a big support. The proverbial weight or fear has been lifted and we’ll be continuing with all of the products.”

With this workshop, financial security and tax mitigation are just a click away. Sign up now!

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