Get The Best Tax Credit Incentives For Solar Installation In Chino, CA

Oct 12, 2022

Want to save money on your electricity bills and play your part in protecting the environment at the same time? Talk to American Solar Advantage about making the switch to sustainable solar energy! (909-331-5861)

Get The Best Tax Credit Incentives For Solar Installation In Chino, CA

Concerned about rising energy prices? Why not make the switch to a more sustainable solution with American Solar Advantage!

The Chino, CA-based solar power company offers you its advisory, design, and installation services, helping to reduce your bills over the long term.

American Solar Advantage provides you with expert guidance on offsetting the cost of solar technology through government-sponsored initiatives. The company is a sector leader, offering high-quality materials and durable solar-powered solutions whether you're a residential or a commercial customer.

Soak up the sun with American Solar Advantage. More details at

Have you considered the advantages of making the switch to solar energy? You could be enjoying reductions in your electricity bills, powering your home in an environmentally-friendly way, and reducing your dependence on fossil fuels.

According to a report by the LA Times, the state of California now has the capacity to meet 95% of its energy needs through renewable sources, making the region a national leader in the move towards sustainable power. The rising costs of oil and gas have seen utility bills rocket in price over the last 12 months, leading many homeowners to invest in solar and other renewables for a more cost-efficient and longer-term solution to meeting their energy requirements.

American Solar Advantage can help you access the tax credit incentives offered by the US government. You can now get a 26% rebate on the cost of either solar equipment or the installation process. This offer extends to both residential and commercial property owners. There are also a variety of financial incentives available from state and municipal authorities in the form of grants, property tax exemptions, and solar rebates.

By booking an installation from American Solar Advantage, you're assured of prompt and professional service with minimum disruption to your home. All engineers are licensed and verified within the state of California. Solar technology requires little in the way of maintenance but the team can also provide any repairs in the event of anything going wrong.

The company's CEO Bobby Harris says, “We aren’t just installing solar for the sake of installing solar. Our goal is to produce cheaper cleaner energy to replace our customers' dependency on higher-cost energy while also making a positive impact on our environment.”

American Solar Advantage is making sustainable energy solutions an affordable reality for homeowners throughout San Bernardino County and beyond. Join the solar revolution!

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Harness the power of nature to meet your energy needs. Call American Solar Advantage today!

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