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Jul 21, 2017

Obvious Marketing, a digital marketing agency based in Soho, London, launched state-of-the-art video and digital marketing services. The company creates various types of promotional videos including whiteboard presentations, expert interviews and many others, helping local businesses improve their online visibility and attract more clients.

Obvious Marketing, a full-service digital marketing agency based in Soho, London, announced an updated range of services for local businesses looking to implement effective marketing campaigns. Through Obvious Video, an innovative video marketing department, the company offers a wide range of promotional videos including whiteboard animations, expert interviews, commercials and various others. Additional services include online branding, social media marketing, app development etc.

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The extensive development of online resources has had a profound impact on business marketing strategies. With an increasingly large percentage of consumers – more than 90%, according to recent studies – becoming accustomed to using the internet for business information, more and more businesses invest significant resources in developing effective strategies to improve their online presence.

Obvious Marketing is a professional digital marketing agency offering local businesses various marketing consulting, campaign development, mobile optimisation and many other services. To respond to the latest increase in demand, the company has launched updated video marketing services for local businesses both in London and throughout the world.

Through Obvious Video, its innovative video marketing department, the company provides a wide range of video content, including whiteboard videos, tutorials, service presentations, expert interviews and many others. Obvious Marketing works with professional video editors, producers, scriptwriters and other video experts to create custom video materials that offer improved viewer engagement and contribute to online reputation growth.

To help businesses improve their overall marketing strategies, the company also offers professional mobile marketing services. Obvious Marketing helps clients optimise their websites to display adequately on all types of mobile and desktop platforms, including tablets, smartphones and many others.

Mobile app development services are also available. The Soho marketing company helps local businesses create professional apps for various purposes, including booking forms, loyalty features, client relations app and other similar software.

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