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Jan 10, 2024

More problems than profits from your early forays in the stock market? Get daily learning content from millionaire mentors at My Investing Club!

So the market is in a downward phase and you're wondering how on earth you're going to turn a profit on rapid positions? You need to try to short selling! Learn from masters of the craft at day trading education hub My Investing Club!

Enjoy a program of expert coaching from established, elite-level traders. You get the chance to learn proven trading systems even if you have no prior experience in the stock market.

Learn how to profit even prices are falling with short selling classes at My Investing Club! More details at

There's more to trading than the traditional "buy low, sell high" approach of long-term investors. The coaching team explains the entire process of shorting stocks – from finding a suitable broker to avoiding the dreaded "short squeeze". All learning content is delivered across MIC's multi-media platform and sessions are recorded so you'll never miss a thing!

Topics include how to open a margin account, as stocks cannot be shorted with cash accounts. MIC's experts also explain the ins and outs of both fundamental and technical analysis – both of which are important when you're identifying stocks to short. This includes research relating to external factors such as economic policy, a company's public profile, and overall growth or decline in a particular industry.

In situations where whole sectors are seeing prices decline, you can choose to focus your efforts on a particular industry. Recent examples of this include the bursting of the dot com bubble, the collapse of Credit Suisse, and the global pandemic. While some financiers see short selling as unethical in that it bets against the market, MIC takes a different view. In reality, short selling provides liquidity and price discovery, making the market more efficient in the process.

MIC's short-selling tutorials also cover risk management. While all trading comes with some risk, shorting does raise the possibility of limitless losses. Following practices such as the 1% Risk Rule helps you keep your losses to a manageable level.

Teaching is delivered via the premium mentorship program, weekly webinars, regular Q&As, and the live trading room. There's also an introductory Accelerator course if you're completely new to day trading and want to get up to speed as quickly as possible.

A spokesperson says, “Just set your orders and wait. Our elite traders will guide you through every step of their trades as they take them so you can earn while you learn.”

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Take your trading up a gear with My Investing Club!

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