Get The Best Security Operations Center As A Service From This Company

May 14, 2022

Looking for the best way to protect your important company data? Call SubRosa today (1-888-893-1983) for their “SOC as a Service” to ensure your information is guarded 24/7!

Get The Best Security Operations Center As A Service From This Company

Looking to improve your business’s cybersecurity program? Call SubRosa today for the fast detection of security threats you need!

The global cybersecurity advisory firm based in Ohio, has updated its SOC as a Service (Security Operations Center). The company focuses on solving your security concerns by providing a wide range of information technology services.

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The company’s newly updated service allows you to gather, analyze, and respond to your security incidents rapidly and effectively in real-time.

It is critical for small and medium-sized businesses to have SOC as a Service to strengthen their cybersecurity programs. The firm’s cost-efficient 24/7 service includes an agent-based response, vulnerability assessment, infringement detection, behavioral monitoring, log management, and cloud-based SIEM (security information and event management).

The company’s experienced security analysts offer the best-in-class incident response, rapid detection and remediation of threats, and improved security visibility and reporting so you don’t need to worry about the management process of SOC.

SubRosa’s innovative software prioritizes incidents and can identify any form of attack including zero-day attacks that your network may experience. Their platform is ever-evolving and continuously improving to identify threats as soon as they occur. You can find additional details at

The company’s service can quickly uncover hidden dangers, abnormal behavior, and trends across networks of any size. The service is compatible with over 1,000 network components, servers, and operating systems. You will attain unmatched visibility into who is threatening your network, applications, and infrastructure.

SubRosa delivers state-of-the-art security technology solutions and services that are suited to your needs. Their team of experts is dedicated to helping you clients with “future-proof” cyber risk capabilities to ensure your crucial data is fully protected at all times. The company also offers Cybersecurity Awareness Training, Incident Response, Penetration Testing, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), and Third Party Assurance services.

A spokesperson for the company said: “SubRosa was founded on the principle of delivering security expertise to anyone who should require it. Whether we are operating with a small business or large enterprise, our values underpin everything we do. We are operating with three fundamental principles: do right by our clients, our people, and our company.”

SubRosa are the experienced cybersecurity agents you can count on – call them today at 1-888-893-1983 to learn more about their service!

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