Get The Best Salt Lake City, UT Residential Mold Remediation Solutions & Removal

Aug 18, 2021

Looking for prompt and professional mold removal services in Salt Lake City? Utah Disaster Specialists (+1-801-203-3524) offer professional mold treatment solutions!

Are you worried about hidden mold in your property? Find yourself suffering from cold and flu symptoms that could be related to mold damage? Then Utah Disaster Specialists can help!

The company’s services have been expanded in addition to their current range, which includes fire damage services, air duct cleaning, sewage and disaster cleanup, and water damage reparations.

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The newly announced services have been developed to help residents of Utah overcome mold damage in their homes, particularly that which stems from older problems such as untreated water damage.

Though you can take steps to prevent the formation of mold, there is no surefire way to prevent growth within your home. However, regularly maintaining your HVAC systems, addressing water leakages, and keeping humidity levels below 60% can all be beneficial.

Unfortunately, mold is a pervasive problem in many residential properties. In addition to being unsightly - often appearing as dark, dirty stains on walls, floors, and ceilings - it can be dangerous for the health of the tenants. Since it can develop on most surfaces where moisture and oxygen are available, it can appear and grow quickly, and be difficult to spot in hard-to-reach areas.

Removing all traces of mold is a difficult feat, but professional services from Utah Disaster Specialists can help to reduce the health risks that mold in a property can pose. Expert mold removal requires extensive protective equipment and respirators, as breathing problems can be a serious side effect of mold damage.

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The company’s professionals can identify circumstances in which mold growth is likely, such as when water damage has occurred after flooding. Their services begin with an inspection of your home, to pinpoint mold issues that are hidden or hard to see with specialist tools. Pros from Utah Disaster Specialists can then find areas to be addressed before your problem gets worse, and begin the full cleanup process.

On one of their recent jobs, the company conducted water damage remediation at a customer's new home and found mold that was caused by a previous event. Their technicians concluded that the new damage occurred because the contamination caused by the first flooding was not repaired.

With the latest announcement, Utah Disaster Specialists continues to invest in offering safe and efficient mold removal and cleanup services to customers in Salt Lake City and the metropolitan Utah area.

Utah Disaster Specialists are the mold removal and cleanup services you can rely on to remove damage in your home and make it safe for your family!

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