Get The Best Salt Lake City Ketamine Infusion Treatment For Depression And PTSD

Mar 4, 2021

Looking for the best ketamine infusion treatments in Salt Lake City, Utah? Contact Therapy Reset – Ketamine Neuro Therapy today for the team who can provide compassionate, personalized care!

If you’re looking for an effective treatment for PTSD and anxiety, the team at Therapy Reset - Ketamine Neuro Therapy have the solution for you!

Therapy Reset - Ketamine Neuro Therapy announced the launch of an updated range of ketamine infusion treatments for patients in Salt Lake City, Utah. The medical practice specializes in providing effective solutions for treatment-resistant mood disorders.

The newly launched ketamine infusion treatments at Therapy Reset - Ketamine Neuro Therapy aim to give hope to patients with severe depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other conditions.

According to numerous studies, ketamine therapy for mood disorders can be sustained over time through a combination of infusions and maintenance treatments. In approximately 75% of cases, ketamine can provide relief from the symptoms of depression, anxiety and PTSD after only a single infusion.

The team at Therapy Reset - Ketamine Neuro Therapy offer ketamine therapy in a safe, private and comfortable setting. The highly-qualified and supportive staff create individual ketamine treatment plans based on your condition.

Before the treatment, the medical team will conduct a full medical, symptomatic and diagnostic review and consultation to determine how you might react to ketamine therapy. They will then provide the ketamine treatment in a friendly and inviting setting, with private rooms and luxury lounge chairs.

In addition, they will monitor your journey and conduct post-treatment evaluations and consultations.

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The experts at Therapy Reset - Ketamine Neuro Therapy have over 40 years of combined experience in various clinical and hospital settings. This ensures that you will benefit from high-quality medical evaluation, symptom and diagnostic evaluation, post evaluation consultation, and ongoing monitoring.

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A satisfied patient said: “Ketamine infusion has been the most successful treatment for me for my lifelong depression. The staff are very professional, friendly, and flexible. They make you feel like you're not just a patient, but someone they really care about and want to help. If you or a loved one experience serious mental health conditions, you owe it to them or yourself to check this place out.”

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