Get The Best Retriever Bird Hunting Training Services In Northern Illinois

Jul 8, 2020

The best upland and waterfowl training for your dog is now available in Illinois! Bull Valley Retriever’s newly launched services give your dog the skills needed to be a master hunter. They are your overall retriever training specialists.

Are you upland or waterfowl hunter? Do you wish that your dog could help you capture your prey on a hunt? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this dog training program is what you and your dog needs!

Bull Valley Retrievers has recently launched its upland and waterfowl hunting dog training services in the Chicago and Northern IL.

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The recently launched services cater to dogs in Northern Illinois, Southern Illinois, and Southern Wisconsin surrounding areas. Bull Valley offers obedience training for all breeds, they build competitive retrievers, produce quality gun dogs, and obedient companion dogs. At the end of the training, your dog will be capable of expert upland and waterfowl hunting. They are your overall retriever training specialists.

The company’s waterfowl and upland hunting training is very detailed and covers all that your dog needs to know to excel. 

Some of these services include Basic obedience training, Yardwork sequences, Early fieldwork, Force fetch training, Fetch from a pile training, Fetch from multiple piles training, E-collar conditioning, Marking & Casting drills, Swim-by training, Beginning blinds, Steadying, Decheating, and Beginning multiple marks training.

They are very strict when it comes to accepting dogs for training. They require that your dog has kennel cough vaccine and booster shots up to date. They utilize the best dog training equipment and are constantly upgrading so that your dog has the best training possible using the newest equipment on the market.

Unlike other trainers, Bull Valley Retrievers understand that every dog is different and that some have more potential than others. Their training is customized to the full capabilities of your dog so that they can naturally operate at their full potential. 

They set realistic goals and advise that you check in on your dog’s progress during the training so you are aware of all the new commands that your dog is now able to comprehend and complete.

Over the years they have received numerous awards. Their latest achievement is 2019 Best of Woodstock Award - Dog Trainer. In addition to that, their clients have given great reviews on their services. This is what one satisfied client had to say: “Over three short months, Joe did an amazing job training our puppy Sophie in basic obedience and retrieving. We are excited to get her in the duck blind next year. Thank you Joe for your hard work and commitment to our sweet Sophie!”

Your overall retriever training specialists.

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