Get The Best Property Downsizing Advice To Fund Your Retirement In Lorn, NSW

Apr 22, 2021

Tired of all that clutter in rooms you don’t even need? Downsize your home, release equity and start planning the retirement you’ve always dreamed of with the help of River Realty in Bolwarra, Lorn and other areas in and around Maitland, NSW.

If you want to make sure your retirement is everything you dreamed of, sell up and downsize now with the help of River Realty today!

River Realty, residential property specialists based in Maitland, NSW, have launched an expansion of their range of real estate services for people looking to downsize from their current homes. The launch provides specialist advice and fast response if you’re looking to sell in the Maitland, East Maitland, Lorn, Chisholm and Bolwarra neighbourhoods.

Fly your empty nest for a new dream home. Give the River Realty team a call now. Find out more here

River Realty’s updated services offer a simple solution for you if you’re a retired couple whose home has become too large for your needs. You can benefit from a swift sale through the company’s team of expert realtors, maximising your return on investment in a time of high demand for property.

House prices in Australia grew almost 4 times higher than available units during 2020. With low inventory pushing prices higher, it is now a sellers market. Market conditions make it the optimum time to downsize, release equity in your home and fund a better standard of living for your retirement.

For many empty-nesters just like you, the costs of owning and maintaining a large home can be stressful and unnecessary as the years advance – with less need for storage or rooms for children. River Realty provide you with guidance on downsizing to a property more suited to your current needs, freeing up funds to enjoy the things that matter to you and helping you make new memories in a new phase of life.

River Realty can advise you on whether to buy or sell first when downsizing. The current demand for properties makes it less of a risk to buy first and sell later with many investors on the hunt for new properties. The team offer expert advice on settlement period negotiations on any purchases and are able to offer guidance on the inclusion of conditional clauses relating to the sale of your current home.

You can also benefit from the team’s detailed knowledge of the local market, property taxes and help in finding a new home that may free you from a mortgage for good.

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A spokesperson says, “What matters to us most are the people in our community – and whether you’re searching for your dream home, investment, tenant or buyer, we’re here to make it happen.”

With the expansion of their downsizing services, River Realty continues to combine traditional customer service values with high level property marketing expertise and detailed local market knowledge for the people of Lorn, NSW and the surrounding areas. Cut out the stress of running a home that’s now too big for you. Let River Realty help you find your ideal retirement location and start living again. More details here

If you want to streamline and downsize your home to enjoy your later years, call River Realty today !

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