Get The Best Program To Teach Your 3 to 5 Year Old To Read With Confidence

Apr 3, 2020

Looking to teach your child to read the quick and effective way? Look into the Reading Head Start today for the cutting-edge, science-backed home school solution you need!

Never compromise on your child’s education – reach out to the trained teachers at The Reading Company and check out their easy and affordable home training system.

Canadian E-Learning pioneer The Reading Company announced the launch of a new course to help parents teach 3-5-year-olds to learn to read.

More information about the course is at

The Reading Company has launched a new product to help you get your child reading – fast! Developed by professional educators, the training is called Reading Head Start and is parent-approved.

Due to the recent restrictions on movement and closure of schools because of COVID-19, parents like you are starting to think about educating their kids at home.

But during stressful times and without the right tools, teaching a small child to read is a real challenge.

Fortunately, there is a solution and a smarter way you can teach your little one to ready effortlessly, all while staying safe at home. The Reading Company has released a special education pack, designed by teachers, called the Reading Head Start.

Reading Head Start is a simplified program for your kids to learn how to read and read well. The program includes multiple resources to make learning how to read fun. Child-geared activities and digital worksheets encourage children between the ages of two and nine years old to get excited about reading.

Parents and teachers have rated Reading Head Start as one of the top, most effective, and child-approved learn-to-read programs available. It is easy to integrate into any schedule and can be used by children up to 9 years old alongside school homework and tasks.

According to a spokesperson for The Reading Company, “The Reading Head Start has helped more than 36,000 children successfully learn how to read and how to understand the words they are reading. The program provides everything parents need to get their children off to a promising start from an early age. The program specifically designed to unlock reading skills in your child’s brain.”

Reading Head Start has been designed and tested by the education experts you can always rely on!

Click on the link above for more info. 

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