Get The Best Pest Management In Palmerston North For White-Tail Spider Removal

Sep 20, 2022

You’re probably not afraid of spiders – after all, New Zealand is home to 2500 kinds of them, so that could be a problem! But white-tails can give a nasty bite. Call Pest Control Palmerston North Ltd. (0210 851 8931).

Get The Best Pest Management In Palmerston North For White-Tail Spider Removal

Did you that, for its weight, spider web silk is actually stronger and tougher than steel? And yet the white-tail only bothers to build temporary temporary silk retreats where the laying of egg sacs - its magical web-spinning powers are otherwise never put to use!

Pest Control Palmerston North, which provides a six-month guarantee for its services, has updated its pest control management program to include white-tailed spiders - a species that came over from Australia to New Zealand over a hundred years ago.

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The locally-owned and operated company now offers services to treat a full range of pests, including cockroaches, ants, fleas, mice/rats, borers, bed bugs and spiders. The white-tailed spider is one of the three species in New Zealand whose bite can cause harm to humans, though it is less dangerous than the venomous katipō and redback.

White-tailed spiders are prevalent in residential areas, including on the walls and ceilings - and within tight spaces - of homes in the Manawatu area. When provoked, white-tailed spiders will bite, but typically the bite will not cause you any significant pain - only discomfort, accompanied by some initial swelling, redness, itching, and burning. However, while they do not carry diseases like most other pests, these spiders can be more than a nuisance if there are small children in the household.

Removal of white-tail spiders from the interiors and exteriors of homes and businesses can be a challenging task in some cases if complete eradication is required. Pest Control Palmerston North employs effective and safe treatment measures for the removal of these pests, using only specialized products that are manufactured in NZ and have been specifically formulated for New Zealand conditions. Complete treatment will result in eradication for at least an entire season, though it may need to be repeated in the event of heavy rains.

The company treats each pest control issue according to the nature of the species involved and the scope of the problem at hand. As a firm with over 20 years of local experience, its technicians are trained to recognize the differences between common house borers and termites, for example, and to formulate solutions accordingly.

Since most pests reproduce quickly and can transmit diseases to humans, Pest Control Palmerston North takes its responsibilities seriously and will revisit any home that experiences a recurrence of the problem within six months.

One satisfied customer said: “Quick response time, very friendly, and most importantly they did an awesome job. Will definitely use again in the future.”

If you want the pests in your life - at least the critter variety! - permanently removed, call 0210 851 8931 today.

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