Get The Best Online Brain Training. Qualify as a Spiritual Intelligence Coach!

Apr 4, 2020

Want to develop a new career? Looking for the best online brain training courses? Check out the new Practitioner Training Course at SpiritDeep today and qualify as a Spiritual Intelligence Coach!

If you’d like to make a career of inspiring others with a deeper sense of meaning and purpose, you should become a Certified Practitioner in Spiritual Intelligence! Why not?

SpiritDeep has announced the launch of a new range of online brain training courses for people looking to maximize their personal and professional potential or to help train others. If you trained, once qualified, you could help people integrate their intellectual, emotional and spiritual intelligence to become more successful.

Here’s the overview. IQ (intelligence quotient) is meant to give a rough estimation of how smart and intelligent we are. EQ (emotional intelligence) measures how well we use our feelings and emotions in positive ways. SQ (spiritual intelligence) is a secular concept (nothing to do with religion!) and represents how aware you are of your thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

Integration is key. You need intelligence to get you into a job, empathy to do it well and understanding to maximise the financial benefits. A % point rise in IQ is worth $600 pa extra in salary. A % point rise in EQ is worth $1300 pa extra. But SQ acts as a whole salary multiplier. SQ tells us the tune we have to play. Our intellect and emotions are merely the keys.

According to SpiritDeep, Practitioners enable people to find meaning and purpose in life and to live with passion in order to attain fulfilment. And for many, SQ is the difference between surviving and thriving. Sound like you?

The truth is many people are good at IQ or EQ or even both! But in study after study, when people with high IQs or EQs who are earning a lot, are tested for other factors i.e. divorce, lifestyle diseases, inheritance, education – people with lower test scores often have a higher net worth than those who were “smarter”! 

The difference is under developed SQ or little deep awareness of “who you are” so you can build a successful all round life. Invariably, your task as a Practitioner will be uncovering the “real client” buried beneath a lifetimes baggage of thoughts, emotions, reactions, feelings and experiences!

By training as a Practitioner, you will develop an in-depth understanding of spiritual intelligence. You will be able to deliver brain training courses as an online job and coach people on how to activate spiritual intelligence and apply it to important life and work skills. In training and coaching people to activate higher dimensions of intelligence you will be making a powerful contribution to the world. Certified Practitioners are provided with the training materials to teach courses in spiritual intelligence for teachers and students, organizations and for the general public.

A satisfied participant said: “SQ was the culmination of everything I had learned up to now about psychology and spirituality. The knowledge I acquired completed all my previous learning. As a life coach and trainer, I now have the best methodology for personal transformation for the benefit of clients.”

More information can be found at

The road to integrating IQ, EQ and SQ for yourself or as a career is not a destination, it’s a journey. But the path along the journey will pay off in many ways including a wonderful all round quality of life in addition to higher earnings!

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