Get The Best Off-The-Grid Survival Guide in New York

Nov 5, 2020

Looking to escape the pressures of urban life? Read the off-grid survival guide by Off The Grid Ideas today to find out how!

Don’t let city life drag you down – visit Off The Grid Ideas’ free survival and subsistence practical guide today to find out how you could be living differently!

New York-based survivalist content platform Off The Grid Ideas has released a report on the “Top 10 Benefits of Living Off The Grid (Survival Guide)”, aimed at people looking to pursue a more independent lifestyle.

More information is available at

The newly released report encourages you to be self-sufficient in light of the recent pandemic and to pursue a life without the pressures of consumerism and debt.

Off The Grid Ideas is a content platform dedicated to sharing information about modern subsistence and survivalist techniques, for individuals looking to distance themselves from the pressures of urban society. The accessible guide is available on the Off The Grid Ideas website as a free resource for readers looking to adopt survivalist methods.

The survival guide estimates that the average American family spends $6,600 a year on groceries; they indicate that by reducing family food budgets, you can dedicate more money to your savings pots. One way this can be done is through learning to grow food and subsist on the land.

The guide released by the survivalist content platform recommends that you learn agricultural skills, such as planting crops, raising livestock, building small shelters.

The report commends the knowledge of such skills as a means of reducing monthly financial outgoings and also encourages you to adopt practical survival techniques as a safeguard for future global events and disasters.

The guide also encourages living of the grid as a way of avoiding large cities and dense populations in which the COVID-19 infection rates are higher.

By moving away from urban areas, you can reduce your risk of coming into contact with viruses and infections generally. Additionally, the new report affirms that rural areas are generally considered safer, having lower crime rates, and can be ideal for leading safer and more sustainable lifestyles.

Off The Grid’s report suggests that subsistence and off-the-grid living also brings people closer to their means of survival, allowing you to connect more deeply with your real-world value.

They propose that off the grid living may be a more wholesome, organic way of raising children, away from the pressures of consumerist society and social media.

This involves teaching children to find their own food and to consider how products such as clothing and electronics are made instead of mindlessly consuming them.

Moreover, the new guide encourages you to avoid unnecessary expenses such as smartphones and expensive vacations. Rather, the report emphasises that you should prioritise reducing your household outgoings by only purchasing necessary products and to try to buy second-hand or used items when you can.

The “Top 10 Benefits of Living Off The Grid” by Off The Grid Ideas is the New York content platform guide that you need in your life – visit their site at for free today for all the off-the-grid living advice you need! You can find out more by clicking on the link above! 

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