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Nov 15, 2021

If you find yourself paddling upriver – in your own home – it may not just be a bad dream! And if you can’t get through to your insurance company, it may be more than just a bad signal! Call Crown Adjusting at 415-999-5519 if you have experienced property damage or loss.

This public adjuster company is on your side. They will work tirelessly to make sure you get all of what is owed to you – not the absolute bare minimum that your insurance carrier would prefer to payout. The company’s service is personalized and professional; in fact, that’s why Robert Crown started the firm, after decades in the business: to be a trustworthy, committed partner to all clients in need.

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Severe weather incidents are increasingly commonplace in Northern California, Annual property damages could exceed $1 billion, according to some estimates made prior to the recent, October 2021 flooding, the largest October storm to ever hit the Bay Area. This catastrophe came on the heels of July wildfires that burned almost 1 million acres and itself triggered a number of mudslides.

Crown Adjusting’s first order of business is to review your insurance policy. Subsequent steps include making a determination regarding the extent of damages and necessary repairs. In advance of the presentation of a claim, outside experts may need to be hired and professional appraisals conducted.

For commercial properties, the company prepares a comprehensive assessment of coverage as it applies to the loss or damage, and a proactive claim strategy that maximizes financial recovery. Additional actions involve steps to ensure policy compliance and assessments related to leaseholder agreements.

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Documenting a catastrophic property loss, as well as negotiating the complexities and loopholes of insurance plans, takes considerable time, effort, and resources. Crown Adjusting acts in all cases as the property owners’ advocate. Insurance companies hire their own adjuster whose job is to estimate repair or rebuilding costs on behalf of their own patron. Robert Crown has over 35 years of experience, giving you significantly more negotiating leverage on a final insurance settlement.

An alumnus of Greenspan Company/Adjuster’s International, the largest public adjusting firm in California, Robert Crown began the firm to better serve clients under his own stewardship. Based in Oakland, the company handles residential and commercial claims throughout Northern California. The business makes a personal commitment to all its clients to provide the highest level of individualized service, working with and for them to ensure the best results possible.

One recent reviewer commented: “If you want to maximize your settlement so you’re not building on a tight budget or you just don’t want to handle the months of red tape and paperwork, I cannot recommend Robert highly enough.”

Their level of expertise is extraordinary and the results speak for themselves.

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