Get The Best Northern BC Remote Work Protection SMS Monitoring Solution 2022

May 1, 2022

Intercon Messaging (+1-866-605-2558) provides leading-edge monitoring and safety solutions to ensure your business and all your staff members are always protected. Find out more at:

Get The Best Northern BC Remote Work Protection SMS Monitoring Solution 2022When your staff work alone, out in isolated areas, or travel long distances on quiet northern roads, anything can happen. To ensure both they – and you – are protected, you can leverage this powerful monitoring and response solution!As an award-winning, 24/7 inbound call centre specialising in emergency response, Intercon Messaging provides cutting-edge safety solutions for Canadian businesses. Workers are better protected when situated in areas without readily-available assistance.The lone worker safety solutions provider caters to employees who work alone after hours, those in off-site locations, and anyone who encounters personal risk in their job. Peace of mind is also assured if your teams travel across quiet roads in northern Canada.Features of the updated service include live working alone check-in, which can be carried out through a phone call, SMS, or radio. The service also incorporates GPS tracking and live journey management so that your staff can ensure they are always protected.Working alone or in isolated areas can lead to unexpected risks, hazards, or life-threatening situations. In the event that a dangerous event occurs, it’s important for you to protect your staff – and for workers to feel secure.The latest move provides 24/7 support and ongoing assistance that covers fires, theft, car accidents, or personal threats. Innovative mapping tools allow the team to quickly identify the location of any individual who needs emergency assistance.When an emergency response is required, the team has representatives fully trained in map reading and first aid. The program is customizable based on your needs, and you can tailor a bespoke program to ensure the highest level of protection for your staff.No contracts are required, so you can begin using the program immediately and make adjustments as needed. Anyone wanting to find out more about the protection scheme is encouraged to get in touch using the form provided on the company website.A spokesperson for the company states: “With our live or automated monitoring solutions, employees are never really left on their own. We respond to and escalate emergency response as soon as an incident has been confirmed, or we are unable to connect with the employee.”Are you ready to upgrade your remote worker monitoring and provide the best security program this year? Get in touch!Full details can be found using the link in the description!

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