Get The Best New Braunfels, TX Microsurgical Treatment To Restore Male Fertility

Jun 13, 2022

Life doesn’t always give you the chance for a do-over. You can’t take back regrettable comments or actions that had bad consequences. But if you now want to be a father again, you can! Call Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversals (830-660-0600) today!

Get The Best New Braunfels, TX Microsurgical Treatment To Restore Male Fertility

One thing that seems pretty permanent is the choice to have a vasectomy - because that's never an easy decision in the first place. You think you are mentally prepared, ready to deal with the consequences.

But things change. Life happens!

Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversals - MRV - led by Dr. Mark Hickman, now provides vasectomy reversal surgery to out-of-state residents in his New Braunfels surgical center, offering patients from anywhere in the U.S. the opportunity to undo the effects of the earlier procedure.

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The clinic now offers you, wherever you live, the chance to either re-start/add to your family or to find relief from the psychological difficulties often experienced in the aftermath of vasectomies. The microsurgical, minimally invasive technique is known as a “vasovasostomy” and is considered both safe and effective.

An estimated one in five U.S. men who undergo a vasectomy will want to father children in the future, and over a quarter of those will request a reversal, studies indicate. However, many men over 50 decline the procedure, as evidence shows that male fertility declines with age. But a study two years ago upended scientific expectations: men over 50 who had their vasectomy reversed had the same rate of conception with their partners as their younger counterparts, according to the study. The man's age was not an issue.

Dr. Hickman, a pioneer of laparoscopic - minimally invasive telescopic - surgery, performs vasovasostomies both for patients seeking to add family members and for those fighting the onset of male depression/irritability linked to the original procedure. Vasectomies have also been tied to frontotemporal dementia - FTD - according to one study. Regardless of your reasons, the clinic provides a safe, comfortable environment and will help to fully accommodate you for the duration of your stay in New Braunfels.

For microsurgical vasectomy reversals, MRV provides two all-inclusive, affordable options. The first uses a local anesthetic and an oral sedative, while the second uses IV sedation and is overseen by a Board Certified Anesthesiologist. Both microsurgical options are all-inclusive with no hidden fees.

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Dr. Hickman is the inventor of several surgical instruments and is a U.S. patent holder. He focuses his entire practice on the successful reversal of vasectomies. He has conducted thousands of successful vas reversals over the course of his distinguished career, resulting in thousands of births and happy new parents.

One patient commented: "Dr. Hickman and staff are absolutely amazing in every way. We had a reversal done in January of 2021 and our daughter was born March 10th 2022. Dr. Hickman was very thorough and set real expectations from the beginning, you feel the love he has for what he does and the love his staff has for what they do. I highly recommend using Dr Hickman."

Sometimes all you need is a second chance.

Go to and start planning your new life - maybe with someone else in tow!

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