Get The Best Natural Sustainable Soil Probiotic Fertilizer For Lawn And Garden

Dec 10, 2020

Looking for the best organic lawn and garden fertilizer for you? Check out the new All Purpose Natural Organic Fertilizer at 1st Choice Fertilizer Inc today to minimize the use of pesticides!

If you’re looking for a natural and organic alternative to synthetic soil fertilizers, 1st Choice Fertilizer Inc is the solution for you!

1st Choice Fertilizer Inc, a company promoting products that have an ecological and environmental impact, announced the launch of their new All Purpose Natural Organic Fertilizer for farm, garden and lawn. This new soil fertilizer is a safe and eco-friendly alternative to genetic engineering, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

The newly launched All Purpose Natural Organic Fertilizer is a biodegradable, sustainable and environmentally friendly solution to rejuvenate your soil’s fertility.

Organic fertilizers like the All Purpose Natural Organic Fertilizer have a variety of benefits, from improved soil structure to a season-long supply of nutrients and an increased water-holding capacity.

The All Purpose Natural Organic Fertilizer contains billions of natural occurring microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and protozoa. These can improve plant productivity and overall plant health and allow manipulation of the biology, chemistry and physical nature of soil.

The products at 1st Choice Fertilizer Inc use the Earth-Care Technology modelled on the work of Elaine Ingham, a microbiologist who identified a “food web” ecosystem. Their fertilizers are thus created with several species of probiotics that enter the soil, encourage nutrient breakdown, and keep your plants safe and healthy.

You should feed your plants every 6 weeks, follow applications as scheduled and rates as advised. This will ensure that all microorganisms in the All Purpose Natural Organic Fertilizer will supply nutrients and nourish your plants.

In addition, the handcrafted water conserving pellets can conserve irrigation water and keep the soil moist.

More information can be found at

1st Choice Fertilizer Inc specializes in providing a method of growing plants that reduces the use of pesticides to a minimum and eliminates nitrate, phosphate and other possible issues of chemical fertilizers. The company provides 100% organic fertilizers that are ideal for integrated, sustainable production.

A spokesperson for 1st Choice Fertilizer Inc said: “We believe that human intervention is the clearest pathway to restoring equilibrium. Therefore, it is our goal to combine our Scientific Analysis with your Practical Knowledge and empower you as the, ‘Keeper of Balance,’ restoring Mother Nature to equilibrium and optimizing whatever you choose to grow.”

You can find more at the link above.

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