Get The Best Louisville, KY Water Restoration Services For Home & Business

Mar 23, 2022

You should always be prepared for sudden catastrophes. Unfortunately, if you’re ready and wading in an emergent sea, the damage is already done! Call First Response Restoration (502-410-1652) immediately!

Get The Best Louisville, KY Water Restoration Services For Home & Business

Hopefully, you can act fast when water damage hits. It's a little bit like what they say on TV crime shows: the first 24 hours are important! This is especially true for insurance companies, who always want to see on-the-spot documentation for any claims made.

First Response Restoration, a locally-owned and operated company, now manages all damage caused by interior and exterior water lines - which is typically covered by homeowner insurance if the cause is sudden and unexpected, like burst pipes.

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The company, which has many years of experience and is fully licensed and insured, now employs truck-mounted hoses on the designated target area, a water-based vacuum-extraction cleaning technology that is stronger and more efficient than solvent-based methods.

In 2020 - the year that saw major flooding in Southeast Kentucky - floods resulted in more than $1 billion of property/crop damage throughout the U.S. and 2021 proved even more expensive. The average cost of a home water damage claim is over $10,000, but even water leaks - including the consequent mold or rot - can lead to significant damage. Across the United States, water damage costs almost $20 billion every year, while common leaks can cause enough waste to be equivalent to over 500 showers per year.

First Response Restoration, which operates 24/7 365 days a year, recognizes that water damage often requires a fast and effective response. Once summoned, the company will work to extract all moisture, save any flooring or other affected materials if possible, and take moisture readings for your insurance claim. The company can also cut drywall for better air circulation and faster drying time, if necessary.

The company also offers air duct cleaning and carpet deep cleaning services for homes, restaurants, warehouses, and office spaces. If you or a member of your family shows symptoms such as coughs and itchy throats, that can indicate either dirty air ducts or carpets - which kick up dust, mold, and other irritants. First Response Restoration can improve and restore any space’s air quality by tackling the cause of the problems.

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The company’s certified technicians provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. The firm will also help you with your insurance claims and work with your insurance company to provide an accurate assessment of all the damage incurred.

"We know that our residents are sometimes on edge because of the unpredictable weather patterns now in Kentucky," said a company spokesperson. "Severe storms can wreak havoc on residential and commercial properties, but we are always on call and ready to help."

Did you really know about the sheer waste of household leaks? It's incredible! So while you're nervously waiting for the next tsunami, you may first want to attend to that: an average home leak can drain thousands of gallons of water in a year!

Go to or call 502-410-1652 - because you don't need to build a dam! Or call a beaver for that matter!

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