Get The Best ISO-Certified Power Sections From This Industry Leader

Mar 24, 2017

PV Fluid Products, the leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality downhill motor equipment for the oil industry, is now ISO 9001 certified! Get the best power sections for safe and effective drilling from the world’s best progressive rotor and stator company.

PV Fluid Products, a Houston company specializing in progressing cavity power sections used in downhole, horizontal and directional drilling, announced its ISO 9001:2008 certification after its partnership with Mireaux Management Solutions.

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PV Fluid Products is a company formed in 1993 as a response to the increasing demand for high-quality rotors and stators used in oil industry positive displacement motors. The company specializes in downhole motor power sections, with over twenty years of experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying high-quality products.

The company provides a variety of lobe configurations supporting the majority of industry drilling applications and standard requirements. PV Fluid Products works with professional experts to constantly expand its product line according to the latest industry needs, striving to provide state-of-the-art drilling supplies.

In 2014, PV Fluid Products partnered with Mireaux Management Solutions in order to obtain the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 certification. ISO 9001 is a quality management system certification attesting the company’s ability to consistently provide high-quality products and customer services that meet all regulatory requirements.

The company’s partnership with Mireaux Management Solutions focused on establishing a wide range of quality criteria that have been implemented throughout all PV Fluid Products departments, from design and product development to customer services and post-delivery quality assessment. The partnership ensured that the latest industry standards of quality management are now the norm for all PV Fluid Products departments.

PV Fluid Products plans to continue their research and development endeavors in an effort to supply high-quality equipment for a variety of industrial clients. Future efforts will also aim at improving quality standards in all areas of research, production, supply and customer services, in order to strengthen the company’s position as the established industry leader.

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