Get The Best Interior Door & Closet Design In Charlotte For Home Remodels

Feb 2, 2023

You just want a lot of extra – and beautiful! – storage space. So you have to get a handyman drilling holes and sawing wood in your living room all week? Not any more. Call Charlotte Doors & Closets (704-727-4252) today!

Get The Best Interior Door & Closet Design In Charlotte For Home Remodels

Did you know that walk-in closets are a relatively new concept? They didn’t become ‘a thing’ in the U.S. until the advent of high-rises in places like New York City at the turn of the century, where the wealthier residents would boast of having closets larger than rooms, complete with electrical outlets.

And doors?! Well, they've been around forever! But these days, you'll rarely see any this lovely - and never as fast to put in place: that's the difference with Charlotte Doors & Closet!

This locally and family-run company uses its unique 3-D measuring system to provide made-to-fit door installations for customers in the Charlotte area. An entire home can be completed in a matter of hours without you having to endure the inconvenience of many contractors and on-site construction work.

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Charlotte Doors & Closet, based in Matthews and serving the Greater Charlotte area, now offers a range of interior swing doors, cyber doors, as well as mirrored, glass, and paneled closet doors. The company, a winner of several national awards, employs the technology dubbed “The Best Interior Door Installation Service” in North America by The Spruce.

One customer commented, “Gorgeous doors. Perfect fit and finish. No need to do anything with frame so in the end, this is cheaper than Lowe's and Home Depot. Work was done in less than 3 hours. Brings the whole home up a level.”

The market for custom closets is growing at over 5% annually, driven in part by the increasing demand for bespoke-designed storage solutions and the popularity of home renovation and remodeling projects. Moreover, as they accumulate more clothing and apparel, people claim to simply need more storage space, according to one recent study. Closets can be as simple as a single rod and shelf, or as complex as a fully outfitted walk-in closet with built-in shelving, drawers, and other features.

Charlotte Doors & Closets can customize their door and closet solutions to suit your needs and preferences. Replacement doors are manufactured - at the company’s facility - using high-tech CNC machines after measuring and modeling your existing doors with the company’s patented 3-D construction mapping tool. The company follows a procedure that guarantees a uniform fit for all door components, including hinges and door jambs.

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The North Carolina company, whose parent organization now has more than 30 factories around the country, also provides professionally designed storage and organization solutions for homes and offices. Corner shelving, built-in cabinets, sliding drawers, media centers, and bookshelves may all be added to any room to improve its appearance and offer additional storage space.

Another client remarked: “Great experience using Charlotte Doors & Closets. We had all of our interior contractor-grade doors replaced with custom doors from them. Each door fits its frame perfectly and the finish of each door is outstanding. We highly recommend this company.”

Well, what are you waiting for?! Their doors are open!

You can call 704-727-4252 or go to Charlotte Doors & Closets before piling your family into the car and visiting the showroom!

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