Charlotte Home Organization: Use 3D CAD Software To Design Walk-In Closets

May 2, 2023

Are you wanting to turn your current closet into a walk-in one? Or maybe add one to your new home? If so, home remodeling expert Charlotte Doors & Closets (704-727-4252) can help you out!

If you're like most people you've probably dreamt of having a spacious closet big enough to hold all of your clothes and accessories. Well, now you can have one, thanks to Charlotte Doors & Closets!

The Charlotte home remodeling expert will help you design a walk-in, reach-in, or utility closet that will fit your lifestyle and budget. The closets are built with 3D CAD software and revolutionary home measurement technology to ensure a precise fit.

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Whether you're building a new house or renovating an old one, closets are an integral part of your home. As the location where your clothes, footwear, and accessories are stored, they need to provide ample space while also being stylish, functional, and accessible. Charlotte Doors & Closets’ customization service allows you to get the exact closet you want, built to the exact specifications you request.

In terms of closet organization systems, Charlotte Doors & Closets offers two main types—walk-in and reach-in. As their names imply, walk-in closets generally allow for more storage space and the ability to enter the closet, while reach-ins provide less storage space and are more discreet. They also offer closet systems specifically for kids as well as utility closets for specialty items.

To design the closets, the process is simple. You'll collaborate with one of Charlotte Doors & Closets’ experienced designers, deciding on a layout and choosing everything as far as materials and accessories. During this process, the designer will input the choices into the 3D CAD software so you get a real-time rendering of how your closet will look.

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Once the design is finalized, Charlotte Doors & Closets manufactures and assembles the components, and their installation team installs the closet. The installation process is typically done in one day, with minimal interruptions to your schedule.

To ensure a perfect fit, Charlotte Doors & Closets utilizes 3D-measuring technology. Similar to the process they follow when installing doors, where possible, their experts will use it to take accurate measurements of the space. By doing this, they eliminate any mess, drastically shorten the installation time, and cut down on a lot of extra costs.

“I just had my closet outfitted in my new home and I have to say it is now my favorite thing about my house,” said a satisfied client. “Charlotte Doors & Closets came up with a plan to meet my exact needs. The installers made sure every piece of wood was cleaned and polished. The finished product is amazing. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

If you need other organization systems for your home, Charlotte Doors & Closets can help you out there also. They can add closets, cabinets, shelves, drawers, media centers, and bookshelves to a variety of rooms, including laundry rooms, living rooms, kitchens, offices, pantries, and garages. The design and installation process for these projects would be more or less the same as a closet project.

About Charlotte Doors & Closets

Charlotte Doors & Closets is a family-owned and operated franchisee of One Day Doors & Closets. In addition to the closet and home organization systems, the company also installs a variety of doors, including interior, exterior, closet, barn, garage, and cyber.

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