Get The Best High School English & Math Tutoring Classes In Hollis, Queens NY

Nov 30, 2021

Looking for the best high school tutoring services to improve your child’s subject comprehension and test scores on this side of New York? Check out the amazing tutors at RJB Tutoring (347-467-0558) who provide awesome private online/in-home academic help for all subjects!

Is your child struggling with trying to understand THAT math problem? Is English sounding more Greek to them every day? Need someone to help him/her understand the confusing things their teacher says?

With the goal of providing educational academic support, the NY-based high school tutoring agency’s services are recommended if your child needs to understand their work better as well as improve their subject scores. RJB Tutoring serves Queens high school students in Hollis, Cambria Heights, Jamaica, Laurelton, and Rosedale. They also serve clients in Nassau County including Elmont, Lynbrook, Rockville Centre, Baldwin, and Freeport.

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Now you can collaborate with an educational expert for improved academic learning and access high-quality tutoring solutions that will help your child improve at school.

RJB Tutoring offers elementary, middle school, and high school students 1-on-1 academic and test prep tutoring that can be done online or at your home. Their certified teachers and subject specialists will arrange tutoring sessions at a time that is convenient for your child and family with the first lesson being free of charge.

What are the subjects that RJB Tutoring helps with?

Tutors provide a personalized unique program to assist your child to keep up the pace in class and master their course content. The main subjects they assist with are Math, English, and Science. In Math, your child will learn how to solve math problems in multiple ways, and in English, the tutors focus on improving your child's reading and writing skills.

Does RJB Tutoring offer payment plans?

RJB offers contract-free tutoring for all high school subjects with 12, 24, and 48-hour package options and affordable payment plans of between 1 to 5 payments per package.

About RJB Tutoring

RJB Tutoring was founded by Rom JB in 2010. Mr. JB has a Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) and an advanced certificate in School Building Leadership (SBL). The high school tutoring agency serves the Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and Nassau County areas.

What kind of results can I expect with RJB Tutoring services?

A satisfied client said, "My daughter Kat went from 50% to 81% in her last two math exams! Her tutor comes to my home and works with her one on one. RJB Tutoring has been working with my kids for the past 2 years. RJB Tutoring is able to accommodate my and my children's hectic schedules. Their results speak for themselves."

RJB Tutoring is the trusted online and in-home private high school tutoring service you can always rely on - reach out to them at (347-467-0558) to find out how they can help you!

Go to for the best professional academic help your child needs.

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