Get The Best Heavy Duty Transport Part Supply Services To Maintain Your Fleet

Apr 16, 2021

Find It Parts has launched a new VIP program that gives you access to discounted prices for all your heavy-duty vehicle parts, including brands such as Meritor, Haldex, Bendix, and Grote.

Are you looking to save money on your heavy-duty vehicle parts? Would you like a one-stop source to purchase all the parts you need to maintain your vehicle fleet?

Find It Parts has launched its new VIP program for you if you are looking for heavy-duty vehicle part supply services, including clutches, brakes, and suspension parts for trucks and trailers.

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The new VIP program from Find It Parts provides you with access to the company’s extensive range of heavy-duty transport parts from a wide variety of categories, as well as additional member-only prices and custom support.

As a fleet manager or transport company owner, you understand the need and cost of repairing and replacing the parts on your commercial trucks and transport vehicles. However, you may struggle to find a reliable and cost-effective means of obtaining the parts you need, especially for hard-to-find items. Find It Parts offers you a one-stop source for your clutches and other spares, with an extensive inventory of parts and accessories.

The heavy-duty truck and trailer parts available from Find It Parts can be searched by part number or cross-referencing to make it easier for you to find the items you need. Additionally, the company offers a selection of leading OEM and after-market brands to give you more options.

Find It Parts’ new VIP program is available to you when looking to set up orders exceeding $100k over the course of a year. The program gives you access to discounted rates and a dedicated sales representative who can assist you with your purchase and part identification needs. As a VIP member, you can also earn points for additional savings on your orders throughout the year.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Find It Parts has several distribution centers located throughout the United States, which allows them to provide guaranteed two-day delivery for their best-selling parts. Furthermore, the company offers free ground shipping for qualifying orders.

Find It Parts inventory includes products for trucks, trailers, rigs, and 18-wheelers from major brands, including Meritor, Haldex, Bendix, and Grote.

A recent customer of Find It Parts said, “They have a wide selection and often can get factory-direct items faster than wholesalers with competitive prices. Always good service.”

Become a VIP member and save money on your heavy-duty vehicle part orders with Find It Parts today!

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