Get The Best Heat-Retaining Ergonomic Lap Blanket For Outdoor Events & Sports

Nov 13, 2021

Tired of being immobilized by mountains of blankets when you’re trying to keep warm? Want a throw that’s warm and lightweight? Then try the Warmer Upper from veteran-owned brand, LapWrap, LLC!

As the weather turns colder, the world doesn’t just stop. Outdoor events still happen, even when it’s freezing out – so why not keep warm the convenient way, with the innovative L-shaped Warmer Upper thermal blanket from LapWrap, LLC!

The latest updates to the Warmer Upper provide the comfort and warmth of an ordinary blanket, without the heaviness and bulkiness. Optimized for use when seated, the item is convenient thanks to its handy front pocket for storing devices such as a phone or remote.

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The recent updates to the lightweight blanket alternative from LapWrap include an ergonomic shape that fits the wearer to regulate temperature and retain heat while in use.

Lightweight and multifunctional, the Warmer Upper is made from 100% hypoallergenic Polartec Thermal Pro fabric, a polyester-based material that optimally retains your body heat. In combination with the item’s innovative wing-shaped design, developed for use while seated, the L-shaped blanket lacks the bulk and weight of multiple layers of inferior products and keeps you cozy and able to move without overheating.

A great choice for taking along outdoors or while traveling, the Warmer Upper can be used anywhere: when you’re watching outdoor sports games, for midnight picnics, or sitting around a late-night fire pit or BBQ.

Whether indoors or out, the handy clear-view touch-sensitive pouch on the outer part of the item is convenient for storing your personal devices. Large enough to accommodate tablets, cell phones, and remote controls, the touch-sensitive plastic means you can still use the touchscreen technology without removing them from the pouch – and you’ll never lose the remote again!

Available in a soft beige color, or a storm gray, the patent-pending wrap can now also be customized with an embroidered logo, design, or words of your choice for a small fee. The stylish Warmer Upper can also be purchased with an extendable 6-foot universal cord, ideal for charging smart devices.

With the latest announcement, LapWrap, LLC continues to update and improve its quality Warmer Upper ergonomic blanket, for customers to purchase online.

“This is officially my favorite blanket for working from home and getting comfortable on the couch,” said one satisfied customer. “The high-quality materials and design are perfect for keeping you warm and the pocket is super helpful to avoid losing your phone. The best part is that purchasing it gave me the opportunity to support a local veteran-owned business.”

LapWrap, LLC is the veteran-owned, reliable retailer you can trust for the best ergonomic blankets, for total warmth and comfort at home and out and about!

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