Get The Best Fire Damage Inspection & Public Adjusting Services In Berkeley, CA

Aug 11, 2021

If you’ve suffered loss of property or income as a result of wildfire damage this year, make sure your insurance claim delivers the settlement you’ve been paying for all these years. Give For The People, Public Insurance Adjusting a call now! (+1-833-590-2524)

If your property has been damaged by wildfire and you are struggling to win an adequate pay-out from your insurance company, talk to For The People, Public Insurance Adjusting today!

The highly-respected firm has just updated its services for residents of Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco, CA – offering claim and settlement solutions with no upfront fees.

Get insurance claim management from the best in the business. Talk to a firm that will fight your corner and ensure you get the pay-out you deserve. More details here:

You can benefit from the firm’s years of experience pursuing wildfire-related claims to a satisfactory resolution. Their services include consultation and representation for past, current, or planned action.

Public adjusters work exclusively on behalf of policyholders, providing advice, management, and submission of claims. There have been over 6,000 reported wildfire incidents in 2021, stretching over 900,000 acres. The flames have ravaged the homes of thousands of Californians, leaving many reliant on adequate insurance payments if they are to avoid financial disaster.

The dedicated team is licensed through the State of California to provide you with public adjustment negotiation, policy interpretation, as well as investigation and evaluation of losses incurred.

In addition to their expertise in insurance, For The People technicians are also trained in IICRC-certified Fire and Smoke Restoration procedures – helping you to control and minimize the long-term effects of fire damage.

For The People, Public Insurance Adjusting ensures that no aspect of a claim is overlooked, representing your best interests, not those of your insurance company.

The firm also provides representation for a host of other disaster-related household emergencies. These include flood, earthquake, wind, water, and mold damage, as well as claim solutions for property collapse and loss of use.

About For The People, Public Insurance Adjusting

The company was formed by chief executive officer Damond Toles – an experienced public adjuster and current member of the United States Air National Guard. The team is committed to serving the needs of Oakland and Berkeley residents as they attempt to rebuild in the wake of this year’s unprecedented natural disasters. To find out more, click here:

A spokesperson says, “You do not have to settle for what your insurance company believes you were entitled to. Our success is based solely on the value we bring to you and your claim.”

With the launch of their updated services for clients in Oakland and Berkeley, CA, For The People affirm their reputation as the pre-eminent public adjusting firm for victims of the California wildfires.

When it comes to wrangling with insurance companies over claims, you need to fight fire with fire. For The People, Public Insurance Adjusting are here to help you win a fair settlement. Find out more here:

If you feel you’ve been short-changed yet again by a company who won’t honor the terms of your cover, call For The People today!

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