Get The Best Fall Outfits For Boys At This Kid’s Boutique In Huntington, NY

Nov 4, 2021

Tired of buying clothes for your kids that all look the same? Looking for cool clothing that’s fun and unique, but comfy and practical? Then take a look at the latest cozy range from Cynthia Ann Boutique (+1-631-905-8259) in Huntington, NY!

Finding clothes for your kids that are comfortable, easy-to-wear, and unique can be a chore when you don’t know where to look. But with the cozy winter and fall collection of children’s wear from Cynthia Ann Boutique in Huntington, NY, you’ll never have to search again!

The latest announcement provides a range of casual, boutique, and comfy clothing for boys and girls under the moniker of Perry K., including a selection of singular cozy pieces and outfits.

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The recently released collection of kids’ clothing is in addition to the brand’s skincare range, Olive J., which offers natural, organic products for body, skin, and hair, suitable for all skin and hair types.

Founded in 2018 by entrepreneur and mother, Kia Johnson, Cynthia Ann Boutique was intended as a way to create fun and cool clothing for children—but she didn’t stop there. A true creative soul, Kia enjoys making custom designs for all kinds of occasions, and the company originally started with her “Glitter”, “Home” & “I Do” Collections of sparkling glasses and wedding centerpieces. Now, her clothing designs are inspired by her children, with the goal of bringing joy and a smile to the face of your kids when they wear her creations.

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The latest additions to the Perry K. collection from the brand include outfit sets such as the 3 Piece Baby Boy Outfit Set for Any Holiday Occasion, which provides a smart but comfortable gray vest, matching pants, and a paler gray button-down shirt and bow tie. Great for special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas, each piece is also lightweight, so your kids can wear them individually too.

For a more casual kids’ look, the range also offers you a selection of cozy sweaters and jumpers, such as the Roar Tiger Print Sweater in Blue. Comfortable and crafted from high-quality cotton, the sweater is available in a range of sizes, starting at 18 months and up to 8 years.

With the latest announcement, Cynthia Ann Boutique continues to provide a varied selection of children’s clothing for boys and girls, with new snug winter additions. You can purchase clothing items from Perry K. and skin and body products from Olive J. directly from the boutique or buy online for delivery via the website.

Cynthia Ann Boutique is the trusted kids’ clothing brand you can rely on for cool and stylish designs that are comfortable and affordable!

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