Get The Best Energy-Efficient Brighter LED Headlights For Canadian Roads

May 16, 2020

Do you want the best LED headlights for driving at night in Canada? Then you’ve come to the right place! Check out LED Eagle today!

If you want maximum efficiency and safety while driving at night in Canada, LED Eagle is the company for you. They provide a wide range of headlights for all popular makes of vehicles.

You can rely on them for the best products at great prices. Their popular DiamondVision range offers up to 300% more light efficiency than other options.

LED EAGLE, the Calgary-based LED headlight specialists, have launched a new range of powerful LED headlight bulbs. They are designed to replace standard halogen bulbs in most major models including Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Honda, Jeep, RAM, Toyota, and snowmobiles.

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The team explains that their bulbs are Canadian made, designed, and developed for the toughest and darkest driving conditions. Every bulb is easy to install, warrantied for one year, with free shipping and backed by a lifetime of technical support.

LED headlights are becoming an increasingly popular driver choice because they are energy efficient and offer a brighter, more focused beam. This provides you with more clarity to increase vision and reduce the strain of night driving.

This means more car owners are now enjoying enhanced night vision and safer driving in the dark. The bulbs have the added advantage of longevity which makes them a cost-effective choice for Canada’s drivers.

Top of the LED EAGLE range is the LED EAGLE DiamondVision headlight bulbs, which deliver a powerful 12,000 lumens. They provide up to 300% more light efficiency than standard halogen bulbs.

There is a choice of twenty-four bulbs to meet most vehicle needs. A collection of bundles is also available, which additionally provide adapters and TIPM decoders.

A popular choice within this range is a pair of DiamondVision H4 bulbs for ultra-powerful LED headlights. They are fully impact tested and guaranteed to work in extreme temperatures. Every bulb is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and is easy to install using the company’s plug-and-play technology.

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LED EAGLE supplies a wide range of LED driving lights, including headlight bulbs, reversing light bulbs, license plate bulbs together with bulb adapters, load resistors, and TIPM CANbus decoders. All are constructed in Canada to the same high standard.

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