Get The Best Emergency 24-Hour Plumbers Near Me In Perth For Unclogging Blocked Drains

Oct 21, 2021

Looking for the best emergency plumbing experts in Perth, Western Australia? Call Zambezi Plumbing and Gas today (08 9361 7665) for the prompt and professional drain unblocking services you need.

There is nothing worse than finding yourself bathing in the shower due to a blocked shower drain! In some cases, you can unblock the drain on your own, but often you need more than DIY methods to resolve the issue.

This Perth, WA, contractor offers professional plumbing services for blocked toilets, drains, and showers, working with a team of fully licensed and certified professionals to ensure high standards of quality and safety.

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You can now easily contact the company online to get advice on which solution is most suitable for your needs. Zambezi Plumbing and Gas will be in touch as soon as possible to send one of their team of qualified plumbers out to your residential or commercial property.

Most toilet blockages are minor and are caused by items being flushed that shouldn’t be, such as sanitary pads, excess toilet paper, baby wipes, and more. If your blockage is more severe, Zambezi Plumbing and Gas has all the necessary tools and methods to unblock it in the least invasive manner. Cheap or untrained plumbers can sometimes cause havoc tearing your bathroom apart to fix a problem, but this contractor guarantees that they will do everything they can to protect your property.

Zambezi Plumbing and Gas also offers advice on how you can prevent blockages in your kitchen. Experts advise not to pour grease and fat down the drain, as this is the primary cause of blocked kitchen sinks. Instead, you should empty grease or fat into a disposable container and dispose of it in the rubbish. The contractor also advises that large food items like crumbs or small pieces of food should not be rinsed down the drain and that your exterior drain should be cleaned regularly to avoid a build-up of dirt, grease, or food.

The company update is in line with its commitment to providing full-service, customer-focused, quality emergency plumbing for customers throughout Osborne Park and the greater Perth area.

Zambezi Plumbing and Gas is a family-owned and operated business in Perth. Established in 2007, the contractor is now one of Perth’s quality Master Plumbers and has developed a strong reputation for its high standard of work, timeliness, and quality service to customers, as indicated by its numerous positive reviews.

A satisfied customer said, “We are very pleased with the service we have received from your team member this morning, our appointment was at 7.30 am and he was spot on time. He serviced both our toilets and adjusted the water flow valve. Very pleasant and professional. We will highly recommend your services to our family and friends.”

Zambezi Plumbing and Gas are the trusted emergency plumbing experts you can always rely on – call them today on 08 9361 7665 for the solutions you need.

Ready to remove the bath from your shower? Visit Blocked Drain Plumbers in Perth if you need further details.

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